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Religious objects that can be used to beautify a Catholic home

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Have you ever heard of the blessings of the sacraments? These are sacred signs that the Church recognizes to give objects spiritual effects. For example, having a blessed crucifix guarantees the family the protection necessary to live in serenity and in perfect union with God. From this point of view we can imagine the sacred objects as an extension of the effect of Baptism and the other sacraments, because they remind us of the celebration at every moment in our lives, in our homes.

When accompanied by prayer and special gestures such as the laying on of hands, the sign of the cross, the spiritual power of these objects becomes even greater.

In our homes it is easy to find sacred objects of various kinds, not only in the most devout families but also in those less practicing. A religious picture, a crucifix, the representation of the Holy Family, some of the most common objects.

In this article we have tried to identify different types of Christian sacred objects that you can keep at home.


The crucifix

The crucifix can be considered the most powerful of all. It represents the love that God feels for all of us, so strong that he led Jesus to sacrifice on the cross: that consecrated the bond with us in the most tangible and painful way.  Precisely because it represents the symbol of love, it is the emblem of sacred objects, perhaps the most widespread in homes and beyond. Many believers hold a crucifix hanging on the walls of the rooms, resting on tables or furniture, or in the car and on the desk at work. Just look at it and you will immediately feel a sense of peace, serenity and to feel reassured even in the most difficult moments.

Today, crucifixes of all materials and styles are available on the market, which can be adapted to any type of furniture to become an integral part of the environment.

The statues of the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mother is another recurring figure in the homes of Christians. Also in this case we can find many variations of the Statues of the Madonna, from the Madonna of Lourdes to the Madonna of Fatima, which we find with different appearances depending on the description of the witnesses.

Religious icons

They are objects that intensely transmit the religious tradition.

Many ancient and modern religions are iconoclasts, that is, they condemn the cult of images, Islam, for example, prohibits the representation of the image of Mohammed, but also Protestantism, which in its time condemned and decreed the destruction of many statues and images in Catholic churches.

The sacred icons can be of various kinds, depending on their origin. We can find those derived from the Byzantine tradition and represent a way of interpreting the spirit of devotion closest to Western sensibility. Or we find Russian icons, which are part of the cultural heritage of the entire Christian community since they were revealed to the whole world in the early 1900s.  Russian icons are the full expression of medieval religiosity, free from all the superstructures accumulated over the centuries and the result of various artistic currents worldwide. The most recurrent subjects in sacred icons are Our Lady, Jesus but above all the Holy Family.

Religious painting

Religious paintings are very common in the houses of the faithful. The typical subjects are the Holy Family, the Madonna, the Angioletti, the Nativity, the face of Christ, but also the Last Supper and the Annunciation. In the traditional form, the squares are printed or reproduced on wooden or canvas bases.

Now you can Have you ever heard of the blessings of the sacraments? These are sacred signs that the Church recognizes to give objects spiritual effects. For example, having a blessed crucifix guarantees the family the protection with some of these objects, you can find high quality ones on Holyart.  Always remember that the power of the objects is enclosed in what they represent for us believers and therefore we must be guided by our faith otherwise they could only be a pretext to succumb to superstition, like magic amulets against the wicked. It is our good deeds, the Christian and merciful attitude that transmit positive energy to sacred objects that become catalysts and amplifiers of faith.

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