A Relationship with Tom Cruise Saved Sofia Vergara’s Life

Sofia Vergara was in love with her elder brother’s friend Jose. She was only 17 years old at that time. Then she got pregnant with Jose at that age. She tried hard to hide her pregnancy for months. But she couldn’t. Her family found out about it. Her family forced her to marry Jose even though she didn’t want to. This forced Sofia to live in a way she never wanted to. Not able to live life this way… Sofia ran away with her baby to get away from all this! At 17, she left Colombia, along with her studies. Sofia accepted a small job in Los Angeles. She knew she could make some living in the fashion industry, so she started taking small roles in various TV shows just to make her baby’s life better.

After settling up alone in the USA, Sofia divorces her husband. She had lost her home in Colombia. She took the risk to start over, and her efforts had started to pay. Finally, she got her breakthroughs in the TV show “Univision.” She spent three years working just to raise funds to make her son’s life. She bought her house, and everything was going fine.

Until she met a promising young businessman Chris Paciello. Sofia fell in love with Chris, who was going to ruin everything she had built.

Chris was spending money from Sofia’s bank. He told her that he was buying “Clubs” with her money. But Chris turned out to be an International Gangster. His lies were exposed when Police caught him. Chris needed to pay milions of dollars just to bail himself out.

Sofia decided to help him, even though she didn’t have such a huge amount. She went to a hotel with her son to give Chris the money. But she was betrayed in the worst way. Chris had disappeared with the money and never showed his face again. She was again left on the streets, bankrupt and homeless.

But life had planned greater things for her. She received a mysterious call that night. It was Tom Cruise who had called her and invited her to his Birthday party. Pictures of Tom and Sofia Vergara were leaked later that night. This gave Sofia instant fame, which was a bit controversial.

She had a short relationship with Tom Cruise at her worst period of life. Or else she would be homeless in the streets. A few weeks later, Sofia signed a contract with the biggest talent company in America.

It was largely due to her rumored relationship with Tom Cruise. Sofia had finally got the biggest breakthrough in her life. After years of hard work, she became the highest-paid TV actress in the world. Her current net worth is $180 Million. Sofia is a real example that life can always turn around for you in the most unexpected ways sometimes.

She taught us that you should never give up even though things may seem unfixable.

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