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Rebecca Black Net Worth 2021 – Famous YouTuber

Rebecca Renee Black is an American YouTuber who became famous for her song Friday. It was released on social media sites and YouTube in 2011. After that, she also released a song Saturday which gained popularity as well. She currently uploads videos on various topics and for that, she gained many followers and views. If you want to know her net worth in 2021, keep reading.

Rebecca’s early life and career

Rebecca was born on 21st June 1997 in Irvin, California. Her parents are Georgina Marquez Kelly and John Jeffrey Black, and they are both veterinarians. Her father comes from Iowa while her mother comes from Mexico.

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First, Rebecca used to go to private school, but then in sixth grade, she switched to public school because many kids were bullying her. Then, she joined the musical theatre program in her new school. Later on, in 2011, she decided to be homeschooled to avoid taunts of the other children. That year she had a very busy schedule, so she failed the English subject.

Rebecca’s personal life

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She revealed that she is a big fan of Justin Bieber and that she wanted to record a duet with him. She signed for the Maker Studios on YouTube channel in 2012. She also promoted 4G service of a company Telstra. For her song Saturday, she did a collaboration with Dave Days. She appeared in many TV shows as well. An interesting fact is that she decided to keep her boyfriend and personal life private.

Rebecca’s career, awards, and nominations

Her song Friday was written by Ark, and when it was released on YouTube, it gained only about a thousand views. However, a few months later it went viral. The song became one of the most discussed songs on social media sights.

Rebecca’s net worth and earnings

Rebecca’s net worth is around $2 million. During her childhood, she suffered a lot because she was bullied. She became recognized when she worked on an album that was produced by her mother. The song Friday was one of the most hated songs in the world, but it made her famous anyway.

After 2011, Rebecca’s music journey started, and after that, she released various videos. Despite being bullied, she managed to develop a great personality.

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