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Reasons to Play PUBG Again

Welcome guys, a few days back a huge patch was announced for PUBG; patch 27 which looks to be the best patch in months. I’ll quickly go to the most important things and there is a lot.

A new weapon is coming to PUBG that is MP5K, a submachine gun chambered for nine-millimeter ammunition that only spawns on Vikendi. It has a high rate of fire and very low recoil. It takes a lot of attachments and really gives you that unique submachine gun feeling once you fire it. It is a cool weapon but honestly, I would much rather have had a new sniper rifle, maybe next time. Additionally, there are multiple games in the market based on the same technique and one can grab available Flipkart offers.

A new event pass called wild card is also featured for the price of 10USD. You’ll get 60 levels with lots of new skins. You can still unlock some stuff without buying it nut you will need to want it all. The rewards are pretty cool and contain the first ever QBU skin, the first decent crossbow skin and the first ever skin for G36C. There are also now skins for level 1, level 2 and level 3 backpacks. The level 3 bag is unlockable via missions and talking about the missions they seem alright and the pointless missions seem to have been removed but what is really cool is the new weapon-specific challenge missions. I really like this idea of these weapon specific missions to unlock weapon-specific skins and I am quite curious about how this will be to complete. You will also be able to keep a track on all these missions in the game which will make it easier and more enjoyable to complete.

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The survival title system will start and it will now be faster to gain survival points. You’ll always unlock coupons one you progress through the system which can be used to buy items in the coupon store.

The M16A4 is finally getting buff and the way they are doing it is by allowing us to attach a tactical stock and a candid sight to the weapon. The gum will have less damage drop-off over distance and be more stable due to the stock so it will be an even budget DMR. They are also reducing the initial recoil in burst mode. When compared to the old M16A4 we can see that it is indeed only the initial recoil that is reduced and it is not a lot. The burst mode will still be bad but better than before but for single fire, this gun will be the best choice of any 5.56 assault rifles for long range.

The mutant is now also able to attach candid sight and a tactical stock and will for that reason work better for single fire while burst mode is still terrible. The UMP9 changes the name to UMP45 and will now use the acp 45 instead of nine-millimeter ammo. It is receiving a nerf to its magazine size going down to 25 stock and 35 extended. The vector now uses nine-millimeter ammo instead of acp 45 and has had a magazine size increased but its damage reduced to balance it out and the unsuppressed ump45 has a new sound.

Submachine guns and pistols now share attachments and bullet loops will now be known as ammo loops and be sharable between relevant weapons. The holographic sight can now be applied to the pistols and it is quite big for a pistol.

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Changes to hit area damage multiplier is also coming for SMGs and snipers while it is a slight buff for SMGs it is a huge buff for snipers as body shots will hurt much more. Most notably, the AWM will now 1-shot a player wearing a level 2 vest when shot in the chest making it significantly more powerful weapon than before. Aim-punch is now finally getting reduced and it is quite a big reduction when you take damage your aim will be less disturbed and this is a great improvement in my opinion.

First aid healing is getting a big nerf by no longer providing instant healing after the usage duration you now heal over two seconds instead and this is probably going to have a big impact on many encounters as recovering from an ambush, pushing an enemy or perhaps healing in the blue zone will be more difficult. When your weapon is tilted, it will show on your crosshair making it easier to see if the candid sight is active or not. The loot has also been increased too as the rate of assault rifles, DMRs and SMGs are being increased. This will result in an increase of loot of about 41 percent. This is going to have a big impact on the game by making it more interesting.