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Real Estate Investment In Saint Kitts And Nevis – 2021 Guide


Recently, an increasing number of people have been visiting the Saint Kitts and Nevis islands admiring their gorgeous landscapes, nature, excellent living conditions and high opportunities for financial development. Tourists love everything here, and almost everyone gets an idea of obtaining a local citizenship.

The economically stable country has long launched its CIB program. Its goal is investment motivation. Accordingly, its participants have an opportunity to get a passport in the Caribbean countries for meeting rather simple requirements. The conditions are as follows – to invest in infrastructure, social sphere, or real estate. The local identity card is recognized by many countries of the world.

Making a contribution to the state development and getting a stable passive income is the minimum requirement, especially considering an opportunity to obtain citizenship. The real estate investment amount is low, with a huge number of objects to choose from. These are not only residential and commercial buildings, but marinas, places for yachts and much more as well.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to invest in new buildings and projects scheduled for construction. Anyway, investment in the country’s development won’t definitely leave a potential resident without profit.

Advantages of investing in real estate

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A decision to invest in real estate will pay off. By investing in any of numerous objects, you can gain a lot of privileges. First, an opportunity to obtain citizenship should be noted. To get the passport, you will only need to make a single contribution. Then, you can act by your personal plan – to open your business or keep investing in various projects, which are available in great numbers in the country. At the same time, you are free to enjoy luxurious living conditions and financial stability.

Advantages of investing in real estate:

  • low cost of the objects;
  • a variety of extremely profitable investment options with suitable conditions;
  • an opportunity to obtain the country citizenship for a minimum contribution, without the need to pass any exams;
  • document processing and communication with sellers is possible without your personal presence – you will need a representative to solve red tape issues only.

An important fact is that the state passport provides a new citizen with the same rights as the indigenous people. There are no additional requirements, limits, and restrictions.

The document processing and fund transferring takes little time in comparison with other countries. For example, an urgent passport will be ready in 45-60 days. You can easily apply for citizenship yourself, but it will be more convenient to contact Imperial & Legal, which has been working in this field for a long time providing high-quality assistance to all clients. We can also help to search, select, and purchase real estate. Specialists are always ready to provide you with up-to-date information.

Top 5 reasons to invest

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A special program developed for investing in the Caribbean countries is characterized by loyal conditions. Optimal requirements are available to investors from all over the world. Therefore, the economy is growing, living conditions are improving, and the current results are far from the limit, which enables you to join the stronger country. You should start with investing at least the minimum amount required by the CBI program terms. For real estate investors, it amounts to $200,000, provided that the object will be owned for 7 years. If you invest $400,000, you will be able to sell it after a 5-year period.

There are no restrictions on investment objects. Only government, law-enforcement, and medical facilities are prohibited. Investments in real estate in the social and tourism sectors are more than welcome. There is an opportunity to allocate funds to vacation apartments, resort villages, marines, and entertainment facilities.

In general, there are no restrictions related to the investment amount, but you should always check this information on government websites. If you have any questions, please contact our professionals for help. Our specialists have been working in this field for a long time and are always ready to provide competent advice. The pro’s assistance will help you to avoid all kinds of problems related to paperwork and other issues.

Before making a decision, you should pay attention to the following top 5 reasons for investing in real estate:

1. Obtaining citizenship

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Everyone wants to become a full-fledged citizen of the islands to live literally in a resort and enjoy all the advantages of an economically developed country. Investment in new and promising projects will contribute to its further progress.

2. High demand for financial investment

There won’t be any problems with finding an object to invest money into since the infrastructure is constantly developing. There are always plenty of options to develop. You should start with getting the state passport for minimal investment in real estate. After that, you can continue investing, choosing potentially profitable objects to ensure your future financial independence.

3. A favorable tax system

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State duties, taxes and fees of various levels are so low that they often surprise those who weren’t interested in the economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis before.

4. Excellent transport system

It’s commonly believed that there are problems with this on the islands. However, along with the infrastructure, the transport system is developing as well. The airport is expanding, new marinas are being built, road connections for motor transport are being developed. By the way, you can invest in them as well. Construction is subject to a minimum tax, and there are plenty of promising projects.

5. Modern medical centers

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The most advanced equipment, professional doctors, whose services are available at a low cost – these are what the island state can offer. If you have insurance issued, you will get almost everything free of charge.

For several years in a row, the country has been improving its infrastructure. Now it’s perfectly suitable for living, but there are still many areas to upgrade.

Important peculiarities for purchasing real estate

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Investing in real estate is quite simple. All you will need is to find a suitable object. As for the purchase and sale procedures, they are performed similarly; however, there are certain peculiarities. The following important aspects relate to purchasing real estate in the country:

  • Presence of a real estate agent and a lawyer is mandatory. Our company will be happy to help you find the best ones, so that any transaction takes place at the highest level. The service fee is relatively small – 2.5-5%.
  • Before finalizing a transaction, you must obtain a license to own land plots. To get it, you will need to pay 10% of the purchase price. It takes 2-3 months to consider the application.
  • The property inspection and its financial history analysis costs $1,000. There is no corruption in the country, all kinds of fraud are strictly prohibited, so this amount is just technically specified. Almost no one uses the service.

Paperwork taxes for performing any transactions are low. However, you should pay them at once without slightest delays. If you have a debt, its amount is charged with a 12% fine.

Don’t think long before investing $200,000 in real estate. Contact us and get comprehensive advice on all the matters. We also always help those who need it by providing high-quality services.