How to Determine if You Qualify for a UK Skilled Worker Visa

Have you been thinking of moving somewhere abroad, to seek employment? And the country that you see the most potential in is the UK? As you are probably known already, the UK just like other countries of the world has some programs you can utilize to migrate for work, and one such is a skilled worker visa. But you have no idea whether or not you are eligible to apply… Well, we’re going to help you find out if you are…

What you should know, is that the immigration service has been working on developing a tool to help both potential employees and employers see if a particular profession is eligible under this type of visa. By answering several questions about your education and work experience, you can find out what your chances are, before applying. Maybe even calculate if there is another option you can increase your chances of migration with. Skilled worker visa UK eligibility checker can be found online, on the government’s website. All you need is a couple of minutes, to assess your eligibility.

However, one should keep in mind that tools like these cannot provide you with a guarantee that the outcome of the application will be positive. This is because of the additional requirements, that may not be included in the checker. So, the best is to utilize the checker and find what other requirements you may have to answer, in order to increase your chances of getting a visa.

Let’s explore more about what this type of visa is…

This type of visa provides an individual from abroad with the possibility of working and living in the UK. With one condition, to be on the list of the professions in need, and to have a valid employment offer.  Those who have explored this possibility before should know that it is replacing the general work visa used for migrating this way in the past.

Now, the chances of obtaining one, or the factors that can make the whole process easier will depend on the profession and how attractive it is to the market of the country. For instance, due to the obvious, health workers have been in high demand, ad, therefore, enjoy some commodities when it comes to extending their already attained visas.

Things you can do with this type of visa

No need to mention that once obtained it comes with certain dos and don’ts. All of the important stuff regarding things you can do, and cannot, will be stated in the list you get upon your visa being issued. But there’s a pretty good guide containing most of it, which you can find online. It’s useful to read it and get familiar with what you can expect.

Eligibility criteria

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can choose to go through the checker to see what your chances are, or you can read a rough overview of the criteria, we’re going to mention in the rest of the article.

Here are the terms you need to have fulfilled in order to be eligible for this visa type:

  • Have a valid job approval
  • Have a sponsorship settled with the employer containing all information about what your job will be
  • The job you’re going to be employed to do has to be on the list of those in demand
  • Have settled for a minimum salary, at least. This doesn’t apply to every occupation, hence will depend on the job you’ll do

Besides these, there are some additional specifics, again, related to the work you’ll be doing.

Not all jobs are eligible for Skilled Worker Visa…

Each occupation has its own code, containing four digits. Once you apply for a job, your employer will send you this code, which you can use to check whether it is on the list for this type of visa.  This way you’ll know if you are eligible for this type, or some other.

One more online tool is available for checking eligibility, it’s called the ONS occupation coding tool. What you should pay attention to, is the fact that similar jobs have different codes, and their eligibility will also be different.

Not all employers are approved to import workforce…

This means that you cannot collect job offers from just anyone. In order to migrate you need to find an approved employer, commonly known as the sponsor. The list of these is available online, as well.

Employers need to fulfill certain criteria to obtain a sponsor license, hence, not all of them can participate in this program for skilled workers.

How do you find work?

To find work in this country, you must have a pink, blue, or yellow work permit and you are not allowed to work without one unless you are self-employed and can prove it.

You can find all the information about what you need as a citizen of a certain country, to obtain one of these on the government’s website, where you can find information about all certificates and forms, you may be required to file.

An employer can only be your sponsor after proving that they have not found a qualified worker within the country. In order to prove this, it is necessary that he has published a job advertisement for at least a month. If it does not find a qualified worker, it can request a sponsorship number for you. You will then receive a reference number from your employer, which you must enter in the application for a pink permit. All documentation can be sent by post or done in person in the UK. Only highly educated specialists usually get the pink permit. So, your chances are going to depend on the education and the work you do.

Pursuing a career in a country like the UK pays off because of a number of reasons, one of them being the salary index. To increase your chances of obtaining a visa, you may want to consider consulting with a visa expert.