PVC Tents for weddings and celebrations

If you are looking to use tarpaulin for the tents for a wedding or a celebration, you will find out that there are various options you can choose from. The reason for this is because there are different types of materials that are used for different things. One of the most commonly used tarps is poly tarps. They are made from plastic-based material which makes them great for outdoor use. We are going to cover some pros of poly tarps over other material tarps so you can decide if it’s the right kind of tarp for your wedding or other celebration events.

Benefits of using a PVC tent for a wedding
  • Weather

Tents for a wedding are great because if you plan a wedding in July that does not mean that you won’t encounter rain or strong winds. Which is why having an outdoor poly tent is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather, but also protect you if the weather decides to suddenly change. Since PVC tarps are completely water-resistant, you won’t see any water dripping through your tent.

  • Cost

Lining up a tent with PVC tarp is probably much more affordable when compared with renting a regular tent or reserving a large venue. If you do not spend your entire budget on a tent or a venue, you can use the money saved for decorations, cuisine, rings, dress or even your honeymoon.
  • Easier to decorate

One of the greatest advantages of using a tent for your wedding is that you can decorate it from scratch. A lot of wedding venues are already decorated, so you do not have a lot of room to work with. However, a PVC may give you endless options to customize your wedding and for more information about these tents, check out

Benefits of poly tarps

  • Poly tarps are cheap and affordable

One of the biggest pros of poly tarps which made them popular among a lot of people is their affordability. Since they are made from readily available materials, they are much cheaper when compared to other tarp options that are sold on the market. This is why poly tarps are a great option for people who may have a limited budget for their wedding.

  • Poly tarps are completely waterproof

Another great benefit of poly tarps is their amazing ability to resists water. Since they are innately waterproof they do not need to be lined with any other materials to make them water-resistant. This is also the reason why poly tarps remain lightweight and very easy to handle. This waterproof characteristic of poly tarps makes them suitable to use them together with other types of tarps like canvas tarpaulin.
  • Poly tarps are best for temporary use

If you are looking to use tarps for a short term, then poly tarps are probably the best option for you. It would not be a great idea to invest in high-cost tarp only to use it for a temporary application like a tent and then never using it again. Light duty poly tarps can be used as a short-term functionality whenever you need to cover up a tent, a broken window or cover up your backyard when landscaping.

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