Promotional Strategies – Understanding The Use Of Promotional Products

Marketing is an integral part of business management. Any business that overlooks marketing is not operating optimally. The most successful companies in the world usually spend a considerable fraction of their income on marketing. The goal is not just to attract new customers, but also for brand reputation management purposes. These companies want to retain their existing customer bases and solidify their reputation as industry leaders. The result is improved profitability and sustainability. Promotions Warehouse provides businesses with high-quality branded products that are competitively priced. These promotional products are great for marketing campaigns for several reasons. Keep reading to find out why promotional products usually produce great results.

Why Promotional Products Work


1. Consumers are Known to Love Freebies

People love free things. It is not unusual to see someone with a high disposable income smiling when they receive a gift after doing their shopping. This is because freebies give the recipient the illusion that they are getting better value for their money. If you want to make customers happy and transform them into brand ambassadors, consider buying quality promotional products and handing them out to your customers.

2. They Have a Lasting Effect

Unlike billboards, TV, radio, and newspaper ads, which are known to provide short-term exposure, branded promotional products have a lasting effect. After all, most promotional merchandises usually last several months while others can last several years. This means that whatever you spend on promotional merchandise will return many times over. To get the best results with promo products, therefore, consider durability before you place your order.

3. They are Mobile


Billboards are great for advertising, but they have one shortcoming – they only get exposure when people walk or drive past them. The beauty of promotional products is that they are mobile, so wherever the customer goes, they will give your brand a lot of exposure at no extra cost. Imagine someone walking into a busy shopping mall wearing a neatly-branded t-shirt bearing your logo. Hundreds or thousands of people will notice your brand. This kind of exposure is invaluable. Most products can also be used at home or the workplace, so your brand will get exposure all over.

4. Have Intrinsic Value

When you give someone a brochure of the products and services you offer in your business or advertise on TV, the only thing that potential customers will get is information, and nothing more. With promotional products, you will not only pass the information to the customer and the general public but also reward the customer with something that has intrinsic value. This means that the customer will find utility in the promo product. Whether you hand out branded t-shirts, travel mugs, pens, or bags, the customer will use the product in one way or the other. The fact that promotional products have intrinsic value makes them great for marketing.

5. Value for Money

The returns on investment when using promotional products are much higher compared to the ROI obtained when using billboards, online ads, TV, radio, and newspaper ads. This makes them suitable for all kinds of businesses. The good news is that ordering promo products in bulk reduces the unit cost considerably. In other words, promotional products offer great value for money.

Types of Promotional Products

1. Branded Attire

Branded t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters are the most common types of branded attire that are normally used as promotional products. T-shirts are inexpensive, so they are the most widely used. They come in a variety of designs, including vee neck and round neck. You’ll also have to choose between sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve t-shirts. Please note that you’ll be ordering t-shirts for both male and female customers as well as adults, teens, and children. Therefore, you have to order a wide range of branded t-shirts. Since you want customers to wear the t-shirts and hoodies, be sure to choose quality material and have them branded neatly with your logo and business name.

2.  Cups, Travel Mugs, and Bottles


Travel mugs, coffee cups, and water bottles are also great promotional products for many businesses. Be sure to order an assortment of branded travel mugs, coffee cups, and water bottles. These are durable promotional products, so you will get high returns from your investment. Water bottles, in particular, will give your business a lot of exposure since many health-conscious consumers usually carry them in public as well as in the gym. The same applies to travel mugs as people usually hop into coffee shops to get a refill almost daily.

3. Confectionary

According to marketing gurus and business experts, the key to getting the best results in a marketing campaign is to associate your brand with emotions or the senses. The idea is that when a customer enjoys something and associates that feeling with your brand, they will most likely come back for more. By using branded confectionery, customers will associate the sweet taste of candy and other forms of confectionery with your brand. You can brand both the wrapping or packaging and the actual sweet or candy. Be sure to go through the wide selection of confectionary offered by a company before placing an order. The wider the range of products the better.

4. Electronics


USB drives, car smartphone holders, car phone chargers, and other types of electronic devices are also wonderful gifts to give your customers. Be sure to order different types of branded electronics to give your customers. Most of them will appreciate the gift.

5. Bags

Most people carry backpacks, handbags, or duffel bags to work, school, or the gym daily. By branding different types of bags with your logo and company name, you will be able to expose your brand to a lot of people. After all, bags are usually visible when used in public.

Other types of promotional products include umbrellas, wall clocks, calendars, sunglasses, wristbands, and wristwatches among others. Be sure to do your research, compare products, and create a budget before placing an order. When properly implemented, a marketing campaign that uses promotional products can yield incredible results for your business.

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