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Private Math and SAT tutoring in NYC

The problem with math nowadays is that people often see it as a bogeyman, especially kids. Now and then you can hear parents scaring their children with math, and it is no wonder how kids become petrified as soon as they problem-solving with the first math problem.  And yes, mathematics is an abstract science, but it became too abstract for present-day people, why is it like that? Well, everybody was afraid of the dark at one time of their life, but as soon as you gathered some courage to step in it, you’ve found out that there is no boogeyman in it! Same is with maths, people are afraid of the unknown, and that is the biggest problem with the mainstream pedagogy in our current times. It is based on a presumption that the math is only for a few lucky ones, who are “logically superior” and others are excluded from the process of understanding it while only having a task to solve a particular math problem.

Well, here In EKATUTOR, Private NYC Math & SAT Tutoring, students are being taught how to understand it, by means of totally uncommon settings, like real life situations or non-technical subject and so on. The goal is to make mathematics your new perspective, a part of your daily life, indistinguishable from it, and it should be a goal for all teachers as well! Student’s should not be made into mindless, passive listeners and bio-calculators, they should set their own goals, and interests and mustn’t be afraid of not knowing or understanding a topic. According to MedicMind, the tutor must first observe and understand the student before teaching them how to understand maths.

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Middle school math (ages 13-15), The students attending this course will come across these topics: Negative Numbers; Fractions; Decimals; Percentages; Rates and proportional relationships; Solving equations, systems of equations and inequalities; Introduction to statistics and probability; Geometry: angles, triangles, volumes; Geometric transformations; Introduction to data modeling etc.  And within this course for middle school, there is yet another one called PhysicsQuest (ages 12-16), a story-based activity that applies physics concepts for mystery solving. A fun way to learn Physics! The Teacher for this course is Ekaterina Machavariani (Master’s degree in Mathematics from NYU-Courant Institute).

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High school math (ages 15-18), students who do not have the necessary knowledge for this course can’t attend this one. They should at least be familiar with the knowledge stated above. If you attend this course, you will stumble upon these topics: Trigonometry, Advanced Geometry, Complex numbers, Modelling, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus/Calculus. Attendants are being taught based on their individual requirements. The students are being presented with a particular problem, and afterwards will work separately on it, and at the end of the class, group word problems are being presented and worked upon in order to strengthen their social and problem solving skills. The students are given the opportunity to solve real-world problems  by using their knowledge and are being taught that math can be used outside the class as well.

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Ekatutors find pleasure in teaching and teach students how to find pleasure in maths as well! So if you have a need for math or SAT tutoring, there isn’t a better option in NYC. Find out more about it on their webpage, and book your first private class. Math couldn’t be more fun than with Ekatutor!