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Prince Harry Received Exclusive Opportunity to Meet the New 2020 Land Rover Defender

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Since the royal family recently got a new member, we believe Prince Harry will have to buy a new car that will meet all the needs of his family. Simply, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex got their first son and no doubt they need a safe and reliable vehicle that will be able to transport them wherever they want.

Prince Harry recently visited an event called Invictus Games 2020 in Holland. Since he is a member of the British Royal Family and everything is exclusive about them, Prince also had an exclusive opportunity to find out the features of the new Land Rover Defender that is still not on sale and which we believe would be ideal for a safe of little Archie while traveling.

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The Land Rover Defender has a great tradition because this model has begun its long history as early as 1948, as the original Series 1. One information that will surely be of interest to all car enthusiasts is the release date as well as the price of the upcoming Land Rover machine. Well, we can say that it will first be available on the market in the United Kingdom from 2020. Also, we must say that its price will be around £40,000 and that its production will take place in the factory of the British manufacturer in Slovakia.

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However, even though this car is still not available on the market, we think it could become one of the machines in the collection of the royal family, especially of Prince Harry. First of all, the Land Rover Defender is SUV, which means it is capable of fighting with different terrains. Therefore, this four-wheel drive vehicle is fairly safe and reliable for the transport of the most valuable thing the Prince has, and this is certainly his newborn son Archie and his wife Meghan Markle.

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However, why the Prince came to the Invictus Games in The Hague and got an exclusive opportunity to meet the latest vehicle by Land Rover? Simply, he is the patron of this event, so it was logical for the Duke of Sussex to be present. In that way, he showed respect for the greatest car manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

So, as we said earlier, Defender is the successor to the iconic model that has a long history and roots yet from the year of 1948. Then, the legendary 4X4 Land Rover was introduced. Except for Prince Harry now had the opportunity to get meet with the new SUV, there are still some connections between the Defender and the royal family. For example, did you know that Defender is one of the most favorite vehicles of Her Majesty, as witnessed by numerous photographs?

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At the event attended by Prince Harry, Land Rover introduced the Defender prototype that will reach the market in less than a year. Also, during this period, Jaguar Land Rover Challenge will be organized, in which Invictus Games participants will have the opportunity to officially be one of the first people in the world to have the opportunity to drive this machine.

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However, quite shocking news recently published by Land Rover is that the production of the new model will take place in a plant in Slovakia, and not in the UK as everyone expected.

After this decision by the British producer, many people thought that Brexit was the cause of such a controversial decision, however, it was denied.

The aforementioned long tradition and history of one of the most popular models in the United Kingdom began not far from Birmingham, in the Solihull factory belonging to the Jaguar Land Rover. Previous defender models were named Land Rover Series 1 and 2, which later changed to 90 and later on 110.

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However, the leading people of Jaguar Land Rover felt that it was time for a change and to move the manufacturing process in their new plant in Nitra, Slovakia whose building cost a huge £1billion. As for the numbers of this factory, it has an area of 30,000 square meters as the ability to produce even more than 150,000 cars annually.

Prince Harry has shot a few days ago next to the last generation Defender whose production was ended in the year of 2016 when he told the public and the media that his first son was born. On several occasions, we had the opportunity to see the Prince in the vehicles produced by Jaguar Land Rover, for example, at his wedding day which happened last year when, together with Meghan Markle, he was an E-Type Jaguar, which is an electric vehicle. It is also important to note that all JLR vehicles produced after 2020 will have a fully electric, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid version.

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As for the Invictus Games, this was the fifth event in Zuiderpark, and Jaguar Land Rover participated as a Presenting Partner. In addition to Prince, the exclusive right to learn more about the new Defender was also Jack Pastor who won the gold medal at Invictus Games. We have to say that Invictus Games are dedicated primarily to people who have been injured in some way or have invalidity from serving the country in war, so that everyone present had the opportunity to see some of the new technologies designed especially for them, such as mobility doors.

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It is expected that around 500 competitors from 19 different countries will participate in the next year’s event. Invictus Games 2021 should be held in the period from 9 to 16 May.

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