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Pressure Washing Brick Home: How?

If you are also one of those who is obsessed with cleaning your brick home or the one who feels annoyed when you hear the word “Cleaning,” then, here’s something special! In either case, get ready to have your outdoor space clean and tidy with a minimum investment of time and energy!

If you own a gas pressure washer, you just need to spend on oil, maintenance, and gas to get your job done! If you are planning to rent it out, then, you just have to spare some bucks to own it for a day or so!

It depends on how frequent you are going to use the pressure washer. This gives the clarity to decide whether to buy one or rent one.

Here is the procedure to follow while using the pressure washer:

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Setting up:

When it comes to setting up the pressure washer, it generally differs from machine to machine. You can first get familiar to the parts of the pressure washer. For detailed guidance, you can read the handle which most of the pressure washers have.

Now, before further ado, start assembling the pressure washer by following the step-by-step procedure. Make sure you have:

  • High-pressure hose
  • Pressure washer
  • Garden hose
  • Tips
  • Spray gun

Also, before you start, have a look at the levels of the gas and oil. Make sure that they are on desired levels.

Hooking up:

  • Fit a garden hose to the threaded fitting which you can find on the machine
  • To attach high-pressure hose: Hold back the knurled collar, press it strongly on the barbed fitting, and then, push the collar forward
  • Follow the same procedure to attach the spray gun
  • Turn on the valve only after attaching a wall spigot to the garden hose
  • To purge the air off the water lines, you can lift the safety latch and depress the trigger
  • By turning on the fuel supply, you can now set the choke
  • Now, everyone’s favorite part! Turning the ignition switch on and pulling the start cord like a pro!


  • Do not forget to check the alignment and fittings before use
  • As the water runs through, the pump is cooled. Thus, avoid using the engine for about 5 minutes without the spray gun
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How to and how NOT to?

First, make sure you have a proper nozzle and pressure tip. Get a pressure washer having 30 psi and 3gpm which is best suitable when it comes to cleaning the brick and concrete areas.

Go for a tip having the widest angle which helps in cleaning the spaces without causing any damage to hardscape surfaces.

Proper usage:

Clearly, most of the brick and concrete areas are likely to be a host for algae or mold, especially during the winter season. It is not a matter of surprise that it becomes porous as time passes inviting more grime to accompany.

Well, the pressure washer fairly vanishes the “unwanted host” if only used with a proper technique.


Just so you know, if adopted a wrong technique, there are chances of the already porous surfaces being damaged.


If you want to clean the oily surface, then, soap can be your beloved assistant in pulling off the stubborn stains!

The technique is king:

  • Start from one end by consistently placing the tip about 12 inches from the surface, evenly move around
  • To prevent the damage or degrading of the surface, try holding and using the tip at a slight angle
  • Continue with the same sweeping motion till you completely cover the overall surface
  • Now, give it a final touch by removing the loosened debris with a wide spray tip or a push broom
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This works best for the ones with a small or medium surface. If you are planning to clean quite a large area, then, you can go for renting and attaching a piece of rotating sweeping equipment.

As this equipment show up with a rotating head, it becomes easier to clean up the large spaces without any fatigue!

As safety is the preliminary aspect of every individual, make sure you use closed-toe shoes, water-resistant clothing and a pair of safety glasses. If you do not want to do it by yourself or you just do not have time for this, you can always hire professionals such as one