Are you Race Ready? Preparing For Your First Motocross Race

If you are a motocross rider, you would understand that riding a dirt bike as a hobby or pastime is completely different from racing. While you feel fulfilled in your passion for adventure by riding a dirtbike on rough and bumpy tracks, racing on the Motocross track with other riders is a whole new level of challenge and adrenaline.

Racing demands a competitive spirit and razor-sharp focus than riding for sheer pleasure, which might intimidate an average Joe. But, with proper preparation, you can compete and dare we say, even dominate, on a Motocross race track. This guide shows you the what, why, and how of preparing for your first motocross race.

Follow a healthy diet plan

The first rule of getting involved in any sports, especially a physically demanding adventure sport like motocross racing, is following a healthy and balanced diet. Maintaining a healthy frame gives you an edge over your competitors. A balanced diet will boost your muscle growth, energy level, and performance level, which is necessary to endure a physically taxing sport like Motocross.

Have plenty of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to maintain a healthy intake of minerals and fibers. Include as much protein in your diet as possible and enhance sodium intake to avoid dehydration.

On the day of the race, avoid heavy meals; instead, take small meals rich in carbohydrates. Also, ensure that you stay hydrated. Take supplements like creatine, whey protein, and multi-vitamins to boost your recovery.

Exercise regularly

Physical preparation is the basic and most important preparation required to win any sport. Fitness is a prerequisite for participating in a physically testing sport like Motocross.

As Motocross tracks feature jumping ramps, bumpy roads, potholes, etc. you need to prepare your body to take the strain. Focus on building muscle endurance through high-intensity interval training. You can also do bodyweight training, stair climbing, sprinting, and swimming to enhance your strength and stamina.

Furthermore, proper stretching is necessary to prime your body for challenging races. Proper stretching enhances blood flow in your body, especially in your limbs. Prepare a stretching routine involving stretching the major muscles of your body and stretch for 30 minutes before your race.

Buy good quality protective Motocross gear

Motocross is a very risky sport, and to ensure that you enjoy it for the rest of your life, prioritize your safety on the track. Buy appropriate Motocross gear to protect yourself from accidents and severe injuries.

Your protective gear for Motocross racing should include a DOT (Department of Transportation) or Snell approved helmet (for the USA) /ACU Gold Stamp helmet (for Europe), Motocross boots, body armor, goggles, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Make sure you only trust popular and respected stores in the Motocross world like MXstore to get your MX gear.

Maintain your dirt bike

You cannot win a Motocross race without a good dirt bike, so it’s mandatory to carry out routine maintenance to keep your bike in its best shape and function.

As motocross racing tracks are rough, dirty, and bumpy, preparing your bike for the track is necessary. Your preparation should include tightening and oiling the chain, lubricating the sliding, rotating, and rubbing parts of your bike, changing the air filters and engine oil, and checking the tire pressure.

A proactive approach to maintaining your bike will pay off in the long run, both in performance and durability.

Master the fundamentals

This is preaching to the fundamentals of riding a dirt bike. There are plenty of beginners and even some intermediate riders that make the common mistake of overlooking the basics of the sport. Every rider who can woo the audience now was once a stumbling rookie logging their first 100 falls by practicing the fundamentals. Here are the top 3 fundamentals you should focus on most among others.

Body position:

Maintaining the correct posture while riding is essential. You need to focus on shifting your weight more towards the front of the seat while riding, this prevents you from losing control of your bike when you’re accelerating and gaining more and more momentum. Body position is also interconnected to mastering body balance.

Body Balance:

Body balance is one of the techniques that you can only learn from practice. The crazy tracks and rough terrains will constantly throw you off balance, this is where your natural instincts will kick in. You can only develop a balancing “sixth sense” by hitting different roads and learning how to communicate with your bike to regain control of it after overcoming a challenging obstacle.

Gear timings and clutch control:

Motocross is a fast sport. Really really fast. There’s no time to stop and contemplate your next step. What this means for you is the ability for quick gear shifts and flawless clutch control.

You need to be comfortable with gearing up and down as the track demands: shifting down for corners, bumps, or any other hurdles, and gearing up on straight stretches as well as opportunities to overtake and zoom past your competition.

Pre-race Practice

Practising on the track before a race is essential and more so if it’s your first race.

Riding some laps will prepare you physically and mentally so you will know what to expect during the race. Every track has a special build up and the more you are familiar with it, the more you’ll be able to make snap decisions which favour you.

Moreover, Motocross tracks are always crowded, and if you don’t have the experience of riding in close proximity to other riders, you are likely to get unexpected and unfavourable surprises on the day of your Motocross race. To understand how it feels like driving close to bikers, practice on congested tracks.

The bottom line

Motocross racing is one of the most popular sports with hundreds and thousands of followers scattered across the globe. If you happen to be one of them, it’s time for you to hop on the racing track and get up close and personal with the real motocross racing world.

Use these tips and get ready to have a once-in-a-lifetime first motocross race experience.