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Plus Size Sports Bra: Guide Choosing The Best One


Before engaging yourself into any exercises, you must be equipped with the protection you need to get through your workout, particularly in your breast area. This is not an easy task but can be worked on, only if you consider all the factors necessary.

One of the most important necessities when engaging to sports or any activities is wearing the right kind of sports bra, the search can be easy for small to medium framed women but unfortunately not for large to extra large scale women.

Time may be consumed because of trial and error and skeptical examination, but finding the best one will all pay that off. To help large-framed women and find the best sports bra for them, read on.

Buying Guide For Plus Size Women

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The factors below can help a large size woman find a sports bra that can give her the support, protection and comfort she needs as she performs her exercises and activities:

  • Find a sports bra that can offer enough support on the shoulder

Consider sports bra that has wider shoulder straps, and if possible, straps that are cushioned. Unwanted discomfort and digging can alleviate with the help of a wide shoulder strap.

Also, when the sports bra she wears can give enough support, keeping her garments and as well as her breast in place can be easier, making her move freely and with full comfort and confidence.

  • Look for companies that make sports bras and garment for activewear line

Instead of focusing on finding a sports bra, you might as well start with looking for companies that produce or introduce activewear garments. Nowadays, because of people’s more active lifestyle, garment companies take one step further and make garments available for those who are into this kind of lifestyle whatever sizes or built they are in.

For more information about this garment line check out There is no reason at all why would you sacrifice one to another, with the many garment companies around, plus size women should not worry at all finding the best and most suitable sports bra for them to wear.

  • Find the right closure style for your ease and comfort
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The usual sports bras you see have back closure, yet for plus size women, front closure is far easier to manage. These bras are most of the time customized and as per the wearer’s requests. But, not all large breast women agree to this, as some feel pain around the lock area of the bra if placed in front.

Bottom line, the option between front or back closure all depends on what the wearer sees as the most comfortable. It is within your discretion, no one else.

  • Choose sports bras that can be adjusted

It is highly recommended that larger frame women stick with a sports bra that can be adjusted and customized according to their comfort. Making almost all parts of the bra adjustable; adjustable back strap, front panel, shoulder straps and so on, can give women with large breast gain not only support but comfort too.

An adjustable sports bra can let you manage the overall comfort and support you can get. Since you have the opportunity to manage and adjust it yourself, it is recommended that you do it with extra care and with high comfort in mind.

  • Consider sports bra that has underwire

Underwire can give you extra support, although, some are not considering it because of comfort reasons, hence making this factor a personal preference rather than a requirement.

Just an extra tip though, if you want underwire on your sports bra to make sure that you have the best and right fit to avoid any chances of chafing and rubbing. Check on your actual size and ask the sales representative whether they have an available sports bra for you.

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Manufacturers of sports bra completely understand that everyone needs a bra that can support them when they do any low or high-intensity activities. And with that, they make it available and suitable for everyone, whether they have small breast or with extra large size breasts.

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