5 Plasma Lighters for Your Pleasure

It is wonderful when you decide to light up a nice and cozy fire, but now you can do it in style, you need to change the way you light it up. New technology gadgets are around the corner, but plasma lighters can already be found in stores! These are eco-friendly devices that don’t use gas or harsh chemicals. All plasma lighters come with the batteries that can be recharged with a USB port in just a few hours.

Types of Plasma Lighters

Before we review some of the best plasma lighters, it is important to make a distinction between two types of these gadgets. These are:

  • Plasma Lighters with Single Arc
  • Plasma Lighters with Double Arc

The single-arc lighters feature only two electrodes, and one arc is formed when they are activated. The benefit of these is the fact that their battery is usually more durable. On the other hand, double-arc lighters come with four electrodes and an “X” is formed when you use them.

And now let’s check out some of the coolest plasma lighters that you can purchase. Find the one which suits your needs. Whether you are the type that wants to own the latest tech gadgets or just looking for an inexpensive and functional lighter, you can find it here.

The Bolt


The Bolt is thought to be one of the best plasma lighters currently on the market. Considering that it has a single arc, it is great for starting campfires. It looks high-tech, but it also has the retro feel to it. The arc is small but quite hot, and you want to be careful not to hold your finger anywhere near the electrodes.

The Nova

Lighting up a warm fire when you are outside and when the weather is windy will no longer be an issue. With The Nova, a double-arc device, you will no longer have to cover your lighter with your hand to protect it from the wind. This gadget is quite powerful and to make things better – it is inexpensive.


Another dual-arc lighter that we need to mention is IT’S LIT. With it, you will be able to light bowls, water pipes, candles, incense and so much more. It is more powerful than some other lighters, and it has the windproof technology. Thanks to its shape, it is quite easy to hold in hand.

Arc Lighter X BULL

This one can be a perfect present for your spouse or a friend. It contains four electrodes, and it has wider arcs than the other lighters. One press of a button will ignite it, and the sleek, elegant design makes it perfect for special occasions.

Ralix Electronic Lighter


Last but not least, we have to mention this single-arc unit with simple and quick charge. This lighter is safe to use, and it doesn’t use any gas or fluid. It is quite handy to use around the house or to carry it with you.

These are only some popular examples, and all you have to do is pick your favorite plasma lighter and enjoy it!

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