Planning a Cancun Golf Holiday – 5 Tips to Keep in Mind


There are only a few things in life that stand as both a great distraction and an escape from everyday routines and stress, and something that we can do as a hobby on a regular basis. Among those things, two emerge as the most preferable by most and because many reasons.


Being physically active is something we all need and not just want, and here, it’s not just about getting or staying fit, as it is more about our overall health. That is just one of the reasons why sports are so popular to participate in as well, and not solely something you watch on the TV. Being that healthy, combined with all the fun sports cause us, creates such a strong bond between people and sports. Another fact that contributes to this is that there are so many sports, and even those who are not that great or fond of sports with the ball can easily find another one that suits their preferences and physical abilities.

Of course, several sports dominate in terms of popularity on a global level, like football or basketball, and mostly due to simplicity as all you need to enjoy these sports is a ball and imagination. But, another sport that dates way back to the 13th century is slowly emerging as highly popular across the globe, and yes, we are talking about a wonderful game called golf. At first glance, it might seem much different than you are used to or even confusing, but when you get a better grasp of the rules and what it actually takes for someone to be a professional, you will get a much better understanding of how difficult yet amusing this sport can be. It is such a versatile game, as you can play solo or with your friends or family, as there are no limitations here.


The second thing that can be a great distraction and also a unique way to experience other cultures and customs is traveling. Going to new places and witnessing firsthand some of the natural world’s wonders simply cannot be compared to any other experience or feeling. That level of excitement combined with a special adrenaline rush we get when seeing Mayan ruins, for example, simply cannot be compared to any other experience. Now, some prefer to travel just as a way to relax and enjoy nature, while some prefer playing golf on the nearest golf course as the best way to stay active and enjoy playing their favorite game, but why not get both? Yes, it’s more than possible, as all you need to get the best possible traveling experience and enjoy playing golf is to visit some of the renowned places that offer both, and what better place for all that than Cancun. Of course, it’s not like you should just pack your club sets and book a flight, as there are certain things to keep in mind when planning a Cancun golf holiday, which we will further help you with and discuss.

Choose the best course

Cancun is a great place for every person who loves to play golf, and there are a lot of amazing courses suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Some of them are constructed by world-famous architects and golfers, and their constructors make them even more attractive. Thanks to that, they are even more popular among people from all around the world, and the reason why many of them try this amazing game for the first time. Choosing the best course is not easy since all of them are wonderful, which means that no matter which one you pick, you won’t be wrong. Doing some research is always a good idea, but it requires some time, and if you want to see the best possible offer, visit

Rent the clubs

Many players love to have their equipment, but carrying the clubs can be pretty challenging because of their size. Depending on the time you want to spend in Cancun, you will need a few suitcases or bags with clothes and other necessary things, and bringing clubs means one extra bag. Luckily, renting the clubs on the courses is not too expensive, and it can be a much better solution, especially for people who are not planning to play golf every day.

Bring some extra balls

Unlike clubs, bringing some extra balls is always a good idea, and the reasons for that are pretty obvious. They do not require a lot of space, and it is easy to pack them, and when it comes to Cancun courses, it is not that difficult to lose them. It may sound funny, but they can easily end up in the ocean or jungle, so trying to find them is not a smart idea and can result in a close encounter with various animals. Because of that, it is much easier to pack some extra balls than to risk.

Pay the green fees

All golf courses are located in the astonishing nature of Cancun, and it is not easy to maintain them to look good and protect the environment. Because of that, each golfer needs to pay green fees, and they can be paid per round or in the all-inclusive option, which costs more but offers free drinks, a cart, and much more. Paying green fees can differ from one course to another, and because of that, it is necessary to check and inform yourself in time.

Think about transportation

One of the best options is to choose the accommodation near the golf course, but it is also the most expensive one, so it is always a good idea to check other options. You can always rent a vehicle and use it to explore Cancun in the best possible way, but it is good to know that most public transport can take you to the golf course, and there is no taxi driver who does not know how to get there. Besides that, private shuttles are one more option to get to the desired course, no matter which of them you choose.

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