Personalized Metal Signs make great Gifts for any Occasion

Custom signs have grown in popularity since the television show, Fixer Upper came to dominate practically every home design network in existence. From farmhouse and French Country chic to industrial design, now we know just how perfect this all-around, creative decor can be and how to handcraft these signs to bring the right amount of sentiment and thoughtfulness into any gift.

Here we take these Chip and Johanna Gaines’-inspired discoveries a step further and discuss the plethora of ways to personalize these gifts for any and every occasion.

Stuck on what to get someone as a gift? Read on to learn about the versatility of custom signs!

Child or Teen Personalized Metal Signs

Funky, personalized metal signs are super cool gift ideas for kiddos and teens alike. You can have their name carved into the sign to be displayed in their room. If you’ve caught news that a senior in high school has gotten into their dream school, you might consider having the school’s name and year of entrance carved into metal as a graduation gift. You can add symbols like hearts and peace signs or corporate drawings of their favorite animals into the signs for younger kids. Custom metal signs are all about creativity including representations of the person who is receiving the gift. A name and a few fun facts are all you need to tell someone how much you care for them and honestly know them as a person. Learn more here on how to get your kids personalized metal signs.

Unique Housewarming Gifts

To start, let’s branch off of the topic of home decor and discuss housewarming gifts. There are so many different ways to incorporate a custom sign gift into someone’s home. If you know a lot about the person you’re creating this gift for, you can get creative and include anything from song lyrics to favorite quotes to really play up the personalization of your custom piece. You can also have their name engraved for a sophisticated sign to place on the exterior of the home. Housewarming gifts are intended to reflect the family members of the home, so finding ways to add personality to custom signs is a great way to showcase that intention. If you want to keep things a bit more casual, consider alternatives like a plaque of the family’s favorite sports team.

Heartwarming Wedding Gifts

Instead of sticking to the registry, get the newly married couple something extraordinary that they will cherish for years to come. A custom sign featuring the date that signified their marriage is the perfect way to say congratulations on tying the knot. If the couple has taken on a shared last name, you could also have that handcrafted into the custom sign as well. Anything that reflects their commitment to one another or sends them off with your best wishes in mind are thoughtful ideas to incorporate into these custom gifts. P.s., these ideas work just as well for engagement party gifts!

Romantic Anniversary Gifts

Similar to the wedding date idea, you can also engrave milestone numbers as a way to celebrate years of marriage or partnership. Showing your significant other how proud you are to have created a life together is the perfect way to spark romance and continue to ignite the flame that started it all. For those invited to anniversary celebrations, a simple engraving of “Congrats on x number of years” is a considerate gift idea for any attending guest. The right amount of sentiment will be conveyed from statements like these, regardless of who the sign is from. You really can’t go wrong.

Just Because Gifts

A custom metal sign is a fun way to surprise someone with a gift for no special occasion at all! Maybe you share an inside joke with your best buddy and want to include that into your metal sign. Perhaps you have an idea for a gag gift that is just too good to pass up. Maybe your dad’s office needs a big flashy sign that reads, “Dad’s Man Cave.” Maybe your aunt is super cool and needs a sign for her workshop. There are always clever ways to include personalization into every custom sign gift. Just have fun with the process and think about your relationship with whomever the gift is for. Don’t worry, you’ll think of something great!

Establishment Opening Gifts

Got a friend who just opened up a new restaurant? Get them a personalized metal sign of the restaurant name to display in the dining room. Better yet, splurge a bit and get a custom sign to mark the exterior of the establishment! You can include any logos or slogans associated with the place as well to customize the sign even more and accurately represent the establishment. This idea also works for storefronts, businesses, offices, etc.

Festive Holiday Gifts

Returning back now to the idea of home decor, dress up the holiday season with gifts of custom metal signs for all of your loved ones. Whatever you celebrate, make it festive and gift those you love with decorations they can display come next year’s holiday season. A metal sign with a few snowflakes and a holiday greeting engraved is a creative way to make the most of the holiday season and give your loved ones something they are sure to love. Come Spring, offer up some luck and engrave a four-leaf clover into a metal sign for a St. Patrick’s Day gift for your most prideful Irish friend or relative.

Gentle Memorial Offerings

When someone dear to you is in mourning, offer your condolences to them and affected family members and friends with a gentle memorial plaque from craftsman metal. A kind and sweet phrase like, “Loved and remembered, always” offers the right amount of compassion and closure that those in mourning are looking for during their time of grieving. Metal memorial plaques are also an appropriate gift for someone mourning the loss of their pet.

Gifts for Colleagues

Have a colleague you get along well with who just got a promotion? Get them a sign that says something along the lines of, “Congrats on the big win!” Hire the right craftsman, and they might love your gift so much that they’ll display it in their new office. Custom metal signs also work for bosses, but make sure you don’t choose to write anything too thoughtful…that would just be weird!

Baby Shower Gifts

What better way to prepare soon-to-be parents than with a custom metal sign with all things, baby! From gender reveal signs to custom engraved nursery rhymes to display in the new baby nursery, there is no way not to love the thoughtfulness you put into your gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Instead of carving your initials into a tree on February fourteenth, carve them into metal! Surround them inside of a heart, and there is no question as to whether or not you are participating in a clever alternative to the most beloved cliche couple move of all time. Have no shame and create a symbol of your love with the kind of permanence it deserves!

Military Personnel Homecoming Gifts

Got a hero returning home? Meet them at the airport with a custom metal sign that reads, “Welcome Home!” They will thank you for the gift, and you can thank them for their service.

Mother’s Day Gifts


Show mom just how much you love her with a custom metal sign that is engraved with a special message just for her. From a simple “I love you, Mom” to a full-blown Mother’s Day card in metal engraving form, your mom will adore your gift almost as much as she adores you. By the way, this idea also works for moms who, uh, aren’t so great. If you really don’t know what to get the old lady, metal signs are an easy idea to fall back on. Got the world’s best dad or a deadbeat dad? The same rules apply. Remember, you don’t have to mean what you say, but at least make it look like you do.

Every Occasion Gift

There is no denying that custom signs are the perfect gifts for every occasion out there. The coolest thing about them is that they can say as much or as little as you want, making them the ideal gift choice for acquaintances and close relationships. The trickiest part is figuring out what exactly it is that you want your signs to say. We won’t shoot the messenger, but make sure you get that part right if you want your gift to be well-received! If you’re ever stuck, just check out Pinterest for quotes and sayings. You might even find some sign inspiration from other users’ posted photos and gift ideas. The next time you’re stumped on what to get for a gift, remember to consider custom signs as the idea to fall back on. Put on your thinking cap and put the pedal to the metal with creative sign designs that others will love.