How to find the perfect venue for my event in London

We’re extremely fortunate here in England to count London as our capital city.  It is steeped in history, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  When it comes to events, it plays host to some iconic venues which are perfect for corporate hospitality events, exhibitions and trade shows and many more event types.

From secret supper clubs through to sky-high event dining with friends, and everything in between, London is the perfect destination for prestigious events and occasions. It does come at a cost, however, as London is the 6th most expensive location in the world, but few people would argue that it’s not worth the money!  Ultimate, like anything else, you get what you pay for when it comes to event venues, and the best ones cost!

If you are planning an event in London, then there’s most certainly some factors to consider. Hopefully, this article on how to find the perfect venue for your event in London will help you when the time comes.

1 – Location

This is probably the most important element to consider. Naturally, the closer to the city centre, the more expensive any event space is likely to be. Many companies and brands, however, will sacrifice the geographic location for the actual location. The surroundings of an old brewery in East London might be more attractive (and more cost-effective) than hiring a city centre hotel space, for instance. Also think about your visitors and where they are coming from, as well as the transport links. Is it on a tube line in London, for instance, or will all your visitors need to take an Uber?  If they are travelling in their own cars, what’s parking like on-site, and does it cost?  All these are useful and important considerations when deciding on your event location.

2 – Capacity

Of course, venues differ in size, so capacity is a critical consideration.  If it’s a blank event space, then you’ll be able to have more guests for an informal stand-up canape event than you would for a formal sit-down dinner due to the fact that canape events will use bar stools and elbow-height tables whilst a sit down dinner will use banqueting tables and chairs with a larger footprint. Also, capacity refers not just to the amount of guests you can have for the event itself, but also to any accommodation on site.  Is there any? And, if not, is there any close by? Again, this shows you are thinking about your visitors, and aiming to provide them with the very best overall experience possible. Ultimately, it’s the combination and interaction of all elements of your event that will make it a success, so have your client in mind at all times!

3 – Budget

As we’ve mentioned, London can be expensive, and every event professional has a budget to work to.  It’s always nice when you can bring in your event on or below budget, and so get your negotiating hat on.  Ask the right questions, and you never know what you might be able to save.  If it’s a blank event space, see what other elements can be thrown in such as the event furniture, staging, lighting or AV, for instance.  The venue will be just as keen to secure your business as you are to hold the event at their venue! Especially in a post-COVID world, venues will be keen to ensure that their venue is at maximum capacity as frequently as possible!

4 – Do a site visit

This is a golden rule of event planning. The best event planners will visualise the whole event from start to finish, and how they want it to pan out.  You’ll only be able to do this successfully if you have a site visit. Look at access, space, bar set-up and other elements – you’ll then be in a much better position to plan your event in the forthcoming days and weeks! A site visit is also an opportunity to invite some of your key suppliers and contractors onto the site, so that they are aware of what they’ve got to work with.  Some of the more historic and iconic London event venues are extremely tight on parking and access, and so these are all factors that need to be taken into consideration.  Your event will surely run more seamlessly if everyone in your team is aware about these restrictions and can put in place some plans in advance rather than having to trouble-shoot when arriving at the event venue.

5 – Work with trusted suppliers

And talking of suppliers, when planning any event of any size, and indeed wherever you are in the country, it’s always advisable to work with suppliers who you have worked with before.  Not always, of course, because sometimes a change is as good s rest, but generally speaking, you’ll have built up a relationship with your suppliers and contractors over time.  You can trust them to deliver on time, in the right location and in the right quantities.  Of course, there are lots of different elements required to bring a successful event together, of which event equipment hire is just one of them.

According to, London events comprise the majority of their work, with orders being placed for event hire London products from all types of event organisers including conferences, private canape events, city centre weddings, celebration events, festivals and many more. In a crowded marketplace, the need to work with an event hire company you can trust has never been greater. After all, the last thing you want to be doing in the lead up to your busy event is to be worrying about whether your event hire equipment is actually going to arrive. You need to have 100% confidence in your team, both internal and external!

Hopefully, this article has provided you with valuable insight into how to plan your London event. Just make sure you set a budget and stick to it – especially in London, it’s amazing how soon this can get out of control!  And remember, don’t forget to drive a hard bargain – what’s the worst that can happen? Good luck!