People who Made Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates Look Poor

If you think Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are among the richest people in the world, you are right for sure. However, there are people far richer than them that you probably haven’t heard of.

1. Pablo Escobar $155 Billion

If you’ve seen the Netflix show ‘Narcos,’ you’ll know who Pablo Escobar is. He used to run the world’s biggest cartel and, at one point, is believed to have been the richest man on Earth. Of course, thanks to his criminality, he wasn’t included on any Forbes lists…But he did have dozens of planes, mansions, and boats. He even had a zoo and an airport. And he spent $2500 a month just on rubber bands to keep his money.

2. Kim Jong Un $170 Billion

We think of North Korean people as poor and starving because, well, they are… Despite his country being so poor, Kim Jong-Un is super-rich. He owned almost everything in the country…And his estimated assets are over a hundred and seventy billion dollars.

3. Muammar Gaddafi $180 Billion

Before he was overthrown, this guy was the evil leader of Libya. He had a lot of money, thanks to his corruption. Gaddafi was worth around 180 billion dollars in 2011… He took money from the country and spent it on himself, secret banks, and investments all over the world.

4. Vladimir Putin $200 Billion

Here is the richest man on the planet right now! He doesn’t appear on the Forbes rich list, but he is number one on the Forbes ‘most powerful people’ list. He has million-dollar watch collections, yachts, and mansions… So, this isn’t a surprise and thanks to all the Russian Oligarchs paying Putin a ton of money.

5. Rothschilds $2 Trillion


Now, this is not a person but a family. But don’t worry, many members of this family are far richer than Bill Gates. The family is known for their insane secrecy, which has led to a lot of conspiracies about them. Some say they’re responsible for planning every historical event to make money. There is some evidence to support this, such as them funding many political activities all around the world. The family’s net worth is said to be over two trillion dollars.

6. Mansa Musa $400 Trillion

This guy isn’t alive anymore, but he was the wealthiest person of the planet ever. He had a net worth of over 400 trillion dollars, but you’ve likely never heard of him. He was the sultan of the West African Empire, which was massive. As a result, he pretty much owned the entire West Africa, which has a lot of land and resources.