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Pauline Baly – Fashion Icon And An Inspiration

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Pauline’s influence on the young minds of today is constantly growing. Her popularity is rising, and she takes her influence seriously. Pauline is aware of everything that goes hand in hand with increasing popularity which is what makes her so lovable.
She is becoming a French fashion icon and with a good reason.

This young model was born in a small town in the North of France and is currently living in Paris. Her career started in 2013 in Paris, and she now works with several Parisian agencies. She has since then modeled for many famous fashion brands, started her own blog and acted in a French movie “La crème de la crème” which was released in 2014. We can say her multi-talented career is on a good track.


2016 is the year she first visited the United States. She was discovered by Treats magazine in Los Angeles and by Ellements magazine in New York.

On her Instagram profile, which now counts over 460 thousand followers, you can see her in numerous different locations always looking glamorous. Next to the stunning photos of herself, she often posts inspirational quotes, I’m guessing with the idea to spread the positive vibes and give us a glance of what is going on behind those blonde bangs and big, brown eyes.


She can be seen sitting on hot sand in the Agafay desert just outside Marrakech, walking around Paris with a coffee in her hand, or sitting in a trendy café in New York. This girl is everywhere, and anyone following her on Instagram can experience through her stories, at least partly, what is like chilling by the pool in Maroco or grabbing a bite next to the Eiffel Tower.


Wherever she is, she is taking glamour with her. Stunning short, black dress from Hot Miami Styles with a big belt draws all attention to her long legs and proves why Pauline is a style icon and inspiration for many girls today.
You can also see her posing in a fabulous long-sleeved, red dress from Alamour The Label with a deep cut and admire her beauty for hours.
She likes to keep her followers and fans updated and give an insight into what it looks like being Pauline. Regular posts and stories keep us all satisfied and wanting more at the same time.

Pauline also addressed a serious problem on her Instagram profile. She explained that the se*ual harassment and abuse over women is a growing problem and that everyone should work on fixing it. However, she is not only blaming a male part of the population, but she also points out that a lot of women are, whether they are aware of that or not, encouraging that sort of behavior. She explains how all women should be supportive of each other and stick together.


There is a picture of her with a black dot on her palm, and in the description, she wrote ”…this black dot drawn is a call for help for violence and tells a difficulty to talk about it,” with a #solidarite.
It’s so easy to get lost in her blog or Instagram profile, and she is not letting us down. Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or just a glimpse of Paris, Pauline is your gal.

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