Paris Hilton’s Tradition on Earth Day

Paris Hilton is a model that managed to maintain her popularity since the first day she came under the eye of the public. On her social media, she frequently shares content that entertains her followers. She does pretty much the same during these quarantine days. On Earth day, celebrities throughout the world post content that spreads positive vibes and wishes all of their fans a happy Earth Day. Paris Hilton opted for a rawer option.

She posted an image where she appeared topless to wish a happy Earth Day to her fans. In the description, she wrote a hashtag #EarthDay along with some emojis. Besides her going topless, the image features the image of the planet earth, surrounded by a rainbow, and she is dressed in a pair of lace lingerie. Even though she manages to look attractive in her combination, her beauty is the thing that steals that show on this one. As you know, she posts images of a similar style on every Earth Day, where she covers her upper parts with something.


In the latest image, she succeeded in having the whole universe in her behind her. More surprisingly, she managed to put all of it in one frame. Some of the fans called her a queen of the universe, while some others asked why she is in space since this is an Earth Day. As usual, she was called hot or hottie, and her picture was praised by many.


In the meantime, since Paris Hilton is no exception to the quarantine rule, she had a live chat with Naomi Campbell. This happened on Campbell’s show “No Filter with Naomi”.

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