Paint Sprayers For Cars: Things That You Might Not Know

Painting is not an easy task. Normally, we have to ask the help from the car painters. It is pretty annoying and costs money, right?
What if you can do it by yourself?
You might be wondering how come you can do that. But don’t worry as we have tried this so many time before.
Everything you need to have is the quality tools, simple painting techniques, and a bit patience.
If you want to find a good sprayer, these five picks of the best paint sprayers for cars might help you.
That is why we decided to bring up this article to you.
Here you will find the basic knowledge of Car Paint Sprayers and how to use it.

How cool is it to decorate your car buddy by yourself, right? Now, let’s come to the first part with:

What Are Car Paint Sprayers?

As you know, Paint Sprayers are the necessary equipment for painting. Therefore, Car Paint Sprayers are the ones designed specifically for spraying cars.
Since it is for cars, it is small, shorter and lighter than the other paint sprayers.
There are so many types of paint guns such as HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure), LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure), Airless Paint Sprayers as well as different types of feed for spray guns. With that being said, choosing the perfect paint sprayer suitable for the type of job that you may have can be tough, if you don’t have the right information on hand. With everything being available online, all that you need to know about a paint sprayer is only a click away, it’s as simple as heading over to

Each of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.
With the development of technology, HVLP sprayers seem to become more preferable. However, you should consider carefully to choose the one that fits your purpose.
Next, let’s dive deeper into each type of car paint sprayers and feeds.


Types Of Car Paint Sprayers

There are three main types of Car Paint Sprayers:

Conventional spray gun
Conventional paint guns need airless compressors to use.
Airless Spray Gun
Airless spray guns, on the other hands, create paint without using any compressed air. However, it requires you a certain level of technical skills.

HVLP Sprayer

Last but not least, it is HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint gun. HVLP paint sprayers might be the most popular one amongst its counterparts in the market.
With the modern design, HVLP sprayers leave your car a smooth finish and minimum paint pollution at the same time.
The next thing you also should know is the feed type.
Gravity feed and Siphon feed sprayers are the two types of feeds.

Gravity feed paint guns are sprayed by pressing the paint down effectively. It works even when the canister is almost empty.
Therefore, it doesn’t need much air pressure. But of course, it is more expensive than Siphon feed sprayers.

Siphon feed sprayers are also known as conventional guns. It can be used by taking the paint from a canister. To say the truth, you shouldn’t use this one for painting cars as the air is easy to get into the lines and then create a splatter.
To sum up this part, each type of Car Paint Sprayers is suitable for different purposes. We highly recommend you to try using HVLP sprayers for automotive painting.


Are you still confusing about this one? Then let’s discover the next part:

The Benefits of Using HVLP Sprayers

It cannot be denied that HVLP sprayers become more popular than other high pressures ones, especially for painting cars.
Even if you are a “do-it-yourselfer” or a professional painter, HVLP sprayers assist you to do the job faster, cheaper and safer for your health.
Below are its main benefits:

“Less Overspray” Feature

This is the most amazing advantage of HVLP sprayers. It helps you do the job with less paint.
It means that you will save more paint and time to solve the residue left behind.

“Transfer Efficiency”

You don’t want to use a tool which the extra paint shots out of the gun every time you spray and sits on the surface, right?
According to a report, HVLP sprayers can transfer the paint to the surface accurately up to 65% opposed to 25% of the higher pressure ones.


Good For Health

The chemical in the paint is not good for your health. It can cause some serious illness if you work with it for a long time.
Therefore, using HVLP paint guns, which have “less overspray” and “transfer efficiency” features, decrease the microscopic paint coming to your lungs and spread all over the air.

How To Paint A Car With A Sprayer

Firstly, clean the area.

The best is to paint in a well-ventilated area as it reduces the paint pollution. You’d better be careful to keep the paint clean. For example, you can avoid painting under a tree as the contaminants can drop into the paint.

Secondly, clear the old paint.

In case you want to paint the whole car, then, of course, you need to make it back to the bare metal using the sanding equipment.
It consumes your time which might be up to 2 hours for each panel. Nonetheless, the quality of your painting depends so much on this step. Make sure you sand your car in circular motions to reach the metal stage.
Then wipe out the final finish with a rag and thinners to remove dust.


Thirdly, priming.

Before painting, it is very important to cover up areas that don’t need to paint such as windows, windshield, and headlights.
You can use plastic sheeting, newspaper or painters tape to mask up.
Next, create a mixture of thinners and primer. There is no standard ratio of this mixture. It should be depended on your panting purposes.
Now, it is time to spray it on your car. You can practice it with some other old metals first to get used to the sprayer.
Start by holding the sprayers around 6 inches from the panel and spraying in a sweeping motion. Normally, you have to apply 2 or 3 coats to have a perfect finish. Between coats, take a break while waiting for the coat to be dried.
After finishing painting the primer layer, wipe it out again to make sure it is clean before painting.

Final step is painting.

As with the primer, mix your paint with thinners to spray on the car. Continue applying coats to the top coat of primer. Let the coat dry around 20 to 60 minutes before applying the new one.
When the top paint is wet, carefully remove the masking.
Last but not least, use a buffer to buff the final coat in a circular motion. Move your hand gradually to have the perfect new paint for your car buddy.

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Are You Ready To Paint Your Car?

Painting is tough, especially for beginners. However, it is not impossible with the assistance of the right tools.

Paint sprayers are one of those. Car paint guns are designed for automotive painting, thereby it is cheaper, smaller and lightweight than other general paint sprayers.
There are three main types of paint prayers which are conventional, airless and HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers. Each of them has its own unique purpose.
We highly recommend you HVLP paint guns as it produces less overspray, transfers the paint effectively and brings better health benefits.
Above also gives you instructions on how to paint your cars using sprayers. It is not hard though.
All you need to do is to follow 4 steps. Step 1 is to clean the area, then strip away the old paint of your car, next is to use the mixture of primer to paint the first layers, finally, apply your paint on your car.

In the whole process, make sure to wear masks to protect your health. It is better to paint outdoor.