Paige Spiranac and Eugenie Bouchard During Quarantine

Stars have also been practicing self-isolation, but it isn’t going great for them either.

Eugenie Bouchard, a Canadian tennis player tweeted “Quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend” last week, and now she is constantly getting bombarded with messages from guys. Bouchard became well-known a few years ago when she agreed to go on a date with a complete stranger after losing a bet.


Since that tweet, she has been getting actual resumes from her fans who want to be chosen as her quarantine bae. Unluckily for them, Bouchard isn’t very interested in choosing her partners via email. Nonetheless, looking through those emails may provide some entertainment for Bouchard amidst the quarantine boredom, since the matches she was supposed to be competing in – like the French Open – have been postponed.

Former golf player Paige Spiranac wasn’t so lucky though – the advances she has been receiving have been questionable, to say the least.


Apparently, the quarantine boredom has an influx of horny people as a consequence. Spiranac has recently complained on Twitter that her DMs are full of men sending her unwanted pictures – so called “d*ck pics”- she never asked to see. Maybe she should avoid the DMs for now.

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