General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Donald Trump Claims Response To Syria Is Coming Fairly Soon

The U.S. President Donald Trump stated that America still hasn’t made action plan regarding the situation in Syria. But, the decision will be made “fairly soon.” Talking to gathered reporters in White House, Trump stated that his team is taking this situation “very, very seriously.” The chemical attacks in the town of Douma have put… Keep Reading


Donald Trump Still Not Sure How Will U.S. Retaliate To Syria

British Prime Minister Theresa May called for an emergency meeting of the cabinet on Thursday, while the U.S. President remains undecided on the manner of retaliation. Donald Trump still hasn’t decided how will the United States of America respond to chemical weapons attack conducted by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Damascus. The entire western world… Keep Reading


Palestine Popular Resistance Scares Israel

Although unarmed Gaza protesters posed no threat to the Israeli soldiers, reports say that 15 has been killed and more than 2,000 wounded. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were deployed to the buffer zone between the besieged Gaza and the border of Israel. The reasons for their deployment are massive protests and rallies organized by the… Keep Reading


Eurocontrol Warns Airlines of Possible Missile Air Strikes into Syria

Pan-European air traffic control agency Eurocontrol warned airlines to exercise caution in the area of the eastern Mediterranean. The reason for this is possible air strikes into Syria in the upcoming days, Reuters reports. According to Eurocontrol, air-to-ground and cruise missiles could be used in the next 72 hours and radio navigation equipment may be… Keep Reading


US Military Budget Is Bigger Than You Think

The United States of America is spending around $886 billion on the military. This is submitted to the Congress, by the President for the year 2019; that is to say from October 1, 2018, to September 30, 2019. The military spending is eating the federal budget, and it is second only to Social Security. America… Keep Reading

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Was Right About The Middle East

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, commonly known as Winston Churchill was a British politician, writer, and army officer. He served as a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955. Churchill was a brilliant political mind, and some of his quotes are being cited to this day. Today, we… Keep Reading


Immigration Deal Requires another Push, Graham Says

On Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham said that the immigration deal should be reached “by the spring, early summer.” He told ABC’s “This Week”: “There’s a deal to take care of them and get the border wall we desperately need, plus interior enforcement to make us safer. That deal can be done, and I’ll make a… Keep Reading


Foreign Policy Initiative Cease Of Operations

The Foreign Policy Initiative was founded in 2009 and its main financial supporter was a hedge-fund billionaire and Republican Paul Singer. This right-leaning think tank that was based in Washington ceased its operations during the last year. Singer is a well-known critic of President Trump, and we could hear him many times during the campaign.… Keep Reading


Iran Threatens Trump Not to Drop Nuclear Deal

According to Reuters, Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Donald Trump should not pull out of the nuclear deal with his country. Rouhani warned the US President that their response would be much stronger than Trump thinks and that he would regret such a decision. On May 12, Donald Trump will have a… Keep Reading

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