General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


MiG 35 Comes With A Big Secret, Something NATO Will Like

You probably know how military and aviation industry works, MiG lineup was modernized and new airplanes got higher numbers in the name. One of the biggest changes came with MiG 29 that is still used by many countries and has been upgraded numerous times. As a result of this naming policy, you would expect for… Keep Reading

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The United States and China bonding over North Korea

As the world braces for the historic US-North Korea summit, the much larger potential conflict seems to be brewing in Asia. The confrontation between China and the United States has been raising tensions worldwide for the last decade. Chinese accuse America of refusing to acknowledge Chinese development and superpower status, while Americans claim that China… Keep Reading


M1 Abrams vs. Merkava IV – A Comparison

Ever since the first British tanks rolled on the field of Flanders in 1916, nations across the globe have competed who will create a better-armored vehicle. Today, we take a look at two of the best main battle tanks found on the modern battlefield, American M1 Abrams, and Israeli Merkava IV. Merkava tank was born… Keep Reading

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Trump’s missed opportunities in foreign policy

Donald Trump conducts foreign policy the way he does everything else: aggressively, unpredictably, and with complete lack of interest or knowledge in proper diplomatic norms. Usually, this approach rarely ends well, but for Donald Trump, it almost worked. The only reason is that his bullishness is backed up by the largest economic and military power… Keep Reading

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Trump Is Preparing for Another Gulf Conflict

When President Trump announced in June last year that he has evidence of Qatar’s government financing terrorism, many were taken by surprise. Not only has Qatar been an American ally in conflicts in the Middle East, but the largest US airbase in the region is located in Al Udeid. Some were delighted by the news.… Keep Reading

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