General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


The Italian Social Republic

In 1943, the war didn’t go well for Italy and its Duce, Benito Mussolini. Following the disaster in Afrika, Allies have landed in Sicily and quickly gained a foothold. The situation was desperate and it was obvious that once Sicily was taken, the next target was Italian mainland and Rome itself. Italy lost the war,… Keep Reading


Ernst Rohm – One Of The Closest Friends Of Hitler

A hero of the World War One, Ernst Rohm was a highly decorated soldier who was wounded twice during his years in the trenches. He was awarded Iron Cross First Class and ended the war as a captain. His first wound left him a large scar on his face, something he was extremely proud of.… Keep Reading


The Life of Victor Emmanuel III

Who was Victor Emmanuel III? In 1900, Umberto I, who was the king of Italy, was assassinated and he was succeeded by Victor Emmanuel III. While his reign was a long one, we cannot quite say that it was prosperous. It ended in 1946, which means that he led Italy through two World Wars as… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/North Korea

Donald Trump Set the Date For Meeting With Kim

Finally, after weeks of speculations, we learned when the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will happen. The date and location are both set. It’s Singapore, on July 12th. The first, and historic summit between the two leaders will revolve around the subject of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. In one of his… Keep Reading


The Legend of the Last of the Mohicans

More than 260 years have passed since the fall of Fort William Henry, an event which gave birth to the legend of the last Mohican. When James Fenimore Cooper wrote The Last of the Mohicans, he skillfully mixed real historical events with the adventures of his fictional characters. That is one of the reasons why… Keep Reading


Walter Ulbricht – Germany’s After WWII Leader

Walter Ulbricht was often described as one of the blandest human beings that ever held a significant political office. While this may or may not be true, Ulbricht was certainly deprived of all personal charisma. Born in 1893 in Leipzig, young Ulbricht didn’t show much interest in school. He barely finished eight years of elementary… Keep Reading


Nikolai Bukharin – Another Stalin’s Victim

Once lauded as the most promising young star in the communist hierarchy and a “Favourite of the whole party,” Nikolai Bukharin met his end like just another of Stalin’s victims. Born in a family of teachers, young Bukharin became enamored with communistic ideas early on. At the age of 17, he took part in the… Keep Reading

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