General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Chaos in Israel Continues while the US celebrates

The United States have made a big move this May by relocating the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trumps administration is celebrating this move as there has been an official opening of the embassy this Monday. Still, even with that being said, the peace hasn’t been reached. Well, it looks like… Keep Reading


The Missiles in the South China Sea Should be Scarry!

According to the reports, China has deployed surface-to-air missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles in the Spratly Islands chain that is located in the South China Sea. This is just another move that Beijing made, along with the installing the jamming equipment in the region that is there and designed to disrupt all radar systems and… Keep Reading


Jagdtiger – The Largest Tank In WWII

Bigger is always better. Or is it? In the Second World War, Nazis decided to improve their weapons so they glued the 128-millimeter antiaircraft gun to their biggest tank and they got the Jagdtiger, the largest tank in the entire war. Even though the size could have frightened the enemies, it was the only thing… Keep Reading


The B-58 Hustler – Mach 2 Bomber Feared By Many

The B-58 Hustler was one of the most outstanding warplanes in the US Air Force. It posed a serious threat to the enemies and it was characterized by large engines and delta wing. Even though the B-58 Hustler is an engineering marvel, the pilots had a handful of work. Flying this plane was more than… Keep Reading


America’s F-4 Phantom

One of the best airplanes during the Vietnam War was The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. This airplane entered the US military service in the 1960s, and more than 5,000 examples were produced. Out of that number, hundreds are still in great condition, and they are used in the country’s defense. The Phantom was never… Keep Reading

North Korea

Is North Korean Navy a threat?

The sinking of ROKS Cheonan (PCC-772) in 2010 was a stark reminder that, although obsolete, North Korean Navy still has teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. Mini-submarines, like the one that sunk Cheonan, a Pohang class corvette, could play a significant role in an eventual conflict between North Korea and the United States and… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News

Trump is ruining America’s foreign policy

President Trump’s foreign policy so far seems to be benefiting America’s opponents and leaving its allies bewildered. The conclusions of the “The Future of America’s Global Role” debate is unanimous. Current American foreign policy is erratic and is leaving plenty of space for Russia and China to exert its influence all over the globe. Lack… Keep Reading

News/North Korea

Joint military exercise threatens the planned North Korea summit

Joint military exercise threatens the planned North Korea summit, scheduled for next month in Singapore. North Korea officials warned the US that they would “have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-US summit in light of this provocative military ruckus.” According to Yonhap News Agency from Seoul, Kim Jong Un’s… Keep Reading

News/North Korea/U.S.

North Korea Denuclearization Step-By-Step Process

We are still waiting for Trump-Kim summit, but ever since North and South Korea reached an agreement, we are more positive towards the upcoming meeting. However, don’t forget that it could still go wrong, no matter what has happened previously. The main topic of the summit will be the denuclearization of North Korea, and it… Keep Reading


The Stone Age: The Paleolithic Age

At the beginning of the Paleolithic Age, humans were still living in caves. By the end of it, they were starting to form towns and develop agriculture. The Paleolithic Age or Old Stone Age spans from roughly 2,000,000 BC to 10,000 BC. It was followed by Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age), which lasted until 5,500 BC… Keep Reading

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