General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Ford F-Vision Future Truck: Electric and Efficient

Ford is not famous for truck production, but it appears this is something the American manufacturer is eager to change. At Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show, Ford presented the F-Vision Future Truck Concept. This new model will be the electric truck with Level 4 autonomy. Interestingly enough, the F-Vision is the first concept truck produced by… Keep Reading

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Japanese Brains Create 90-Percent-Plastic Vehicle (VIDEO)

The University of Tokio scientists presented the first car in the world which has been made almost entirely out of plastic. In fact, plastic was used for 90% of the vehicle. Because this material is being used all over the world for different purposes, the scientists in Japan decided to make such a vehicle. It… Keep Reading

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First Solarimpact Yacht Ever Built (VIDEO)

As the technologies advance and we move away from gas and oil, the vehicles we drive, the planes in the air and the boats on the water – they all change. And they will continue to change until we switch completely to wind, solar and electric power. We are not very far from the futuristic… Keep Reading

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Smart Introduces Forease Concept in Paris (VIDEO)

Smart builds cars perfect for the city driving and with their new concept, they have reached new minimums. The vehicle that was presented at the 2018 Paris Motor Show is called the Forease. In its core, it is the Fortwo but only without the top. This is not the first crazy concept that the company… Keep Reading

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14 Silly Airplane Covers And Paint Jobs (BONUS PHOTOS)

Who says that airplanes must have the company logo on the tail and have to be white. If you take a look at these silly planes, you will see that some of them are pretty funny. But flying isn’t always a comfortable experience. Some people are scared of flying and expect that they will crash… Keep Reading

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Gogoro 2 Plus: Electric Scooter You Need

Electrification is a huge thing in the car industry, and motorcycles are not the exception. Every electric-powered vehicle gets five minutes of fame and the time has come for this bike to fall under the spotlight. Gogoro is a manufacturer of smart electric scooters based in Taiwan, and it presents the cute model called Gogoro… Keep Reading


14 of the worst sports teams in history

America has many national sports to choose from, some more thrilling than others, but all pretty special. Between the NBA, NFL, MLB, and others, some teams are remembered for crushing records and being good, while some others are also remembered, but for being extremely bad. Some of these are legends for all the wrong things.… Keep Reading


How To Survive A Recession

The trade war has spooked investors with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging by around 480 points. This was a result of the increased pressure placed on top trading partners. Markets have already been under pressure with fears of earnings waning when the next quarter results come in. Fortunately, there are ways for you to navigate… Keep Reading


You Aren’t Alone: Dealing With Mental Health Issues At Work

Dealing with the stress of a full-time job can be difficult for anyone. If you are suffering from a mental health condition, however, it can be even more challenging. Below, we take a closer look at how to address issues like anxiety and depression in the workplace, including tips on how to bring up the… Keep Reading

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