General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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16 Expensive Cars in Embarrassing Situations

The luxury cars and supercars are meant for you to show off, but they are designed for smooth roads and perfect weather conditions. Otherwise, you might get into trouble, putting yourself and your car in an embarrassing situation. Here are 16 luxury models that found themselves in this kind of scenario. 16. Lamborghini Huracan Stuck… Keep Reading


21 Most Awkward Things That Happened at Awards Ceremonies

Not everything goes according to plan at award ceremonies. There are things that go wrong, and many things are just plain weird and awkward. Award ceremonies are massive productions, with many producers in charge, but there still is some weird stuff going on. We present you the 21 Most Awkward Things That Happened at Awards… Keep Reading


How CouponsFor Online Shopping Works

The online coupons sites have been around for a long time, and some of them are very successful. The main operating principle is simple. Sites like Groupon, CouponsFor, and others offer their users massive discounts which they get from the retailers, provided they can get the minimum volume of shoppers to actually activate coupon. This… Keep Reading


LED Grow Lights Technology In Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouse technology is very important for plant production throughout the year in certain regions. Especially in countries where cold and little sunlight is reached, it is possible to make an artificial environment for plants and to make production throughout the year. In order to produce high-efficiency production in greenhouses, it is critical that some… Keep Reading


Famous Actors Didn’t Want To Do These Scenes

Even for the most experienced actors, certain scenes can be a bit “too much“ … Up to a point they refuse to do them. Dwayne Johnson and Emma Watson are just some of the famous professionals who declined to participate in a scene they don’t find appropriate. We have chosen the most interesting cases of… Keep Reading

Lux Life

14 Motorcycles You Should Never Buy

The motorcycles have always been considered rebellious, and these two-wheelers in most cases look beautifully, plus they drive well. No matter whether you are a fan of choppers, off-road machines, everyone can find something which suits them. However, there are always some models which are bad in every sense of the word, and if you… Keep Reading


Good headshots work wonders in business marketing

Whenever I’m browsing around the Internet, I always find I am drawn straight away to a person’s photo. Doesn’t matter whether it’s the social sites like Instagram or Facebook, or the professional platforms such as LinkedIn – it’s always the face that grabs me first. I used to think this was just the headshot photographer… Keep Reading

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