General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Battle of Kursk: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had their share of battles in WWII and the biggest tank battle took place near Kursk. It was a large-scale combat and almost the most infamous battle in the entire war. How much do you know about it? Here are 10 facts. The Germans Attacked Battle of Kursk started… Keep Reading


Henry VIII’s Children and Who They Were?

You are wrong if you thought that Henry VIII had just one child. Queen Elizabeth I of England wasn’t his only child. She certainly is the most famous figure from British history, but she had siblings. Henry VIII children were Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth. Before Elizabeth was a queen, her brother was King Edward I… Keep Reading

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Bruce Willis Net Worth 2018/2019 – An Action-Movie Icon

Since 1980s, Bruce Willis has been entertaining us. His breakout role in TV’s Moonlight is how his career started. His versatile acting, malicious humor, and cool vibe made him recognizable to all ages. The Die Hard Movies The Die Hard franchise were the most popular Willis’ movies. In 1988, the first Die Hard movie was… Keep Reading


The Importance Of CNC Machining Services

We take products from granted and don’t understand the process that the same goes through when manufactured. Whether we are talking about medical, agricultural, or constructional products all, go through a complicated manufacturing process that includes the use of a lot of machines. And one of the most important ones has to be the CNC… Keep Reading


Teachers: 5 Reasons to Become National Board Certified

National Board Certification requires an investment of time and money. It requires initiative, organizational skills, critical thinking, patience, and perseverance. You have to be willing to learn, and reshape your approach based on criticism. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Are you up for the challenge? If you are debating taking on this endeavor, here are… Keep Reading


Fast and Furious – Top 10 Characters

Fast and Furious franchise has been keeping our attention for years since its debut. Until then, there have been numerous articles and analyses about the characters of the franchise. Now, we will try to number and describe the strongest ones. 10. Dominic Toretto This is the main character of the franchise and he has it… Keep Reading


Anne Frank and her diary – 7 Things you didn’t know

One of the bestselling books ever, “Anne Frank’s diary” was written during the Second World War, by the Jewish girl Anneliese Marie Frank. Anne was hiding from the Nazis with her family, in one house in Amsterdam, for more than two years. Today, Anne Frank’s house is one of the most visited places in Amsterdam.… Keep Reading

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Usher Net Worth 2019 – R’n’B Star

Usher Raymond IV, also known as Usher, is one of the most successful R’n’B performers alive. Let us tell you more about his life, career and net worth. Early Years And Beginning Of His Music Career When he was just six years old, Usher started singing in his church choir. He signed a recording contract… Keep Reading


Exotic Hardwoods for the Instrument Trade

Guitar aficionados glare at the vintage Gibson Explorers, Les Pauls and Flying V’s adorning the walls of Norm’s Rare Guitars in San Fernando, California. They envision the iconic legends who wielded them and help shape the Gibson brand – Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Jimmy Page, Duane Allman. When Commercial Forest Products sees vintage instruments, their attention… Keep Reading

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