General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Russia’s MiG 21: History Lives On

The military aircraft can have a short lifespan. During the World War I, the planes that were state-of-the-art became obsolete shortly after and the similar things happened in the World War II. And with the enhancement of the technology, the fleets of aircraft became passé as well. Also, the fighters that were a top threat… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Car Tariffs threaten Canada’s motor industry

Thanks to Donald Trump, the latest US auto tariffs are going to deal a punishing blow towards Canada’s car industry. The country currently produces around 2 million vehicles on an annual basis and now the tariff is set to rise by as much as 25%, it is thought that these figures will soon be more… Keep Reading


Gudrun Himmler never gave up Nazi ideology

Gudrun Margarete Elfriede Emma Anna Burwitz was the daughter of Margarete Himmler and Heinrich Himmler. She was 14 when she was left without father, and unlike most children whose fathersserved Hitler on a high hierarchical scale, she did not give up on hers. In life, one needs to be decent, brave and kind. In his… Keep Reading


Who Was Walther Wenck, The Boy General?

Walther Wenck was born in 1900 in Wittenberg and he was the youngest General in the Nazi Army during the Second World War. He had two brothers but one of them, Helmuth died in the First World War in Russia, whereas the other one, Hans Ulrich was killed in France. In 1919, Wenck was a… Keep Reading


Two People Murdered at Jacksonville Video Game Tournament

Killings in America continue. This time, a mass shooting took place in Jacksonville, Florida, at a tournament for competitive players of a football video game called Madden. The winners of the tournament here would travel to Las Vegas where they could win large cash prizes as this one is a higher level of competition. The… Keep Reading


A Quick Primer On Trade Wars And Effects

Since January of 2018, primarily in the spring and summer, much was said and speculated about a potential trade war on the horizon with the onslaught of the Trump Tariffs imposed on many countries that previously had longstanding trading relationships with the US. Countries like China, Canada, Mexico, and those in the European Union have… Keep Reading


Powerful Dollar Could Weaken Oil

The oil industry has been the cornerstone of the economy of the United States as well as its foreign policy, and now, the currency is threatening to weaken it. In the last few weeks, the US Energy Information Administration has filed some reports stating that the prices of benchmark crude oil fell to $70 per… Keep Reading

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Turning Point of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump has been leading the United States for almost two years, even though nobody expected him to win at the US elections. Some are happy to have Trump as the president, but many are “stuck” with him, and they cannot wait to see his back. So far, his presidency has been tumultuous, but the… Keep Reading

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