General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Montana Class Battleships Myths Busted

With the changes in modern warfare, the role of the battleships was diminished and Montana class battleships didn’t get its chance to prove its worth in the Second World War sea battles. On the other hand, not everything we know about these battleships is entirely true. Some myths surround them, and these myths are busted below. Myth… Keep Reading


7 Famous Medieval Knights

Medieval Ages were dark in Europe, but knights were definitely the bright spot. They were considered to be true warriors, courageous, chivalrous and gentlemen as well. They became the true inspiration and being a knight was considered a prestige. What are some of the most famous knights that struck fear into their enemies’ hearts? William… Keep Reading


Was Napoleon III American?

Could it be that history told us lies? We know for a fact that not all the things that happened are true. Of course, some of the historical events cannot be denied because of evidence provided, but what if some people were not who they claimed to be. The person we are referring to is… Keep Reading


Jack Warden – From Boxing To Military To Acting

Jack Warden was one of the most colorful characters ever to be part of Hollywood. Born in 1920 in New Jersey, he spent his childhood in Louisville, Kentucky. He was expelled from high school and soon became the professional boxer under the name of Johnny Costello. He fought in 13 fights but wasn’t satisfied with… Keep Reading


Mike Pompeo – US Has Plan B For Iran

It is still unclear if the US had plan B for Iran nuclear deal or if they are just making this up on the run. That is something we could expect from President Trump, but according to Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, they are planning on increasing economic pressure on the Middle East country.… Keep Reading


Was East Germany better?

25 years after the Wall fell seems like a good opportunity to address several myths that claims life in East Germany during the Cold War had many of the perks simply not founded in today’s modern Germany. We kick off with child care. Apparently, every child born in East Germany had a place reserved for… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News/U.S.

US Foreign Policy On Sale By Trump?

After 16 months in the office, President Donald Trump is still a big enigma to other world leaders, and not in a good way. Even a bigger problem is that his moves are often so out of the book that most of his closest associates don’t have a clue what will happen next day let… Keep Reading

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