General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


The Knights Templar’s History And Symbols

During the Crusades, biggest series of religious wars, the Knights Templar had many symbols that represented them. Since it all was nine centuries ago, it is hard to find relics, but we still have the knowledge about those symbols and what they meant back then. We made a list of the most significant ones, so… Keep Reading

Lux Life/News

Tesla may introducean electric pickup in 2019

Tesla is going to be busy in the following months and years. It is still working on Model 3s to meet all the demand.The company also has a plan for a crossover named Model Y, is bringing their first semi-truck to the market, andlast but not leastis working on the next Roadster. The firm is… Keep Reading


Everything About Presale Passwords

So you want to get the ticket for that big upcoming event, but you are not sure if there will be any available by the time you come to buy it. And that is where presale can come as a savior. Presale is a process when something is sold or made available to the customer… Keep Reading


Learning How to Duck Dive and Turtle Roll: Surfing 101

Are you having trouble mastering the techniques of duck dive and turtle roll while surfing? Did you know that without learning how to duck dive and turtle roll you won’t be able to properly ride the waves? Without 100% learning these 2 moves you will never be able to surf; you would get washed back… Keep Reading

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