General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Iranian President Goes To China – Nuclear Deal Talks

According to China foreign ministry, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will be coming to a regional summit for talks about the possibility of saving of Iran’s nuclear deal. The move has been made after the President of the United States, Donald Trump, decided to pull out America from the agreement. This will be a working visit… Keep Reading


Here is how you can join Illuminati and other secret societies

It is widely speculated that Jay Z and Beyonce are in the Illuminati. George Bush as well. Does this mean that you need to be rich and successful to join the Illuminati which rules the world through a New World Order? Original Illuminati was a society established in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. They promoted Enlightenment,… Keep Reading


General Hermann Balck – One Of The Best Division Commanders

U.S. General William DePuy said that Balck is “perhaps the best division commander in the German Army.” Coming from the enemy, that is indeed the high praise. Balck wasn’t as popular as other German panzer commanders form the World War II, Like Erwin Rommel, Heinz Guderian, or Erich von Manstein, but his talent for leading… Keep Reading

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Net Worth 2018

The US President, Donald Trump, is one of the world’s most famous billionaires. He has been rich for a long time, but how much is Trump’s net worth in 2018, now that he has been a president for a while. Let’s check out everything we know about the leader of America and see what his… Keep Reading


Benito Mussolini’s Death – Rise And Fall Of Il Duce

Benito Mussolini was executed exactly 73 years ago. However, there are still some controversies around the dictator’s death and his killer. Evidence comes basically from partisan testimony and from a large number of different sources. All these sources claim that Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci died in Giuliano di Mezzegra, a small village… Keep Reading


Who was Herne the Hunter?

Sometime a keeper here in Windsor Forest, Doth all the winter-time, at still midnight, Walk round about an oak, with great ragg’d horns; — William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor This was the first mention of Herne the Hunter in English literature, by William Shakespeare. In his play The Merry Wives of Windsor, Master… Keep Reading


Pearl Harbor survivor still suffers from his wounds

Sergeant Joseph Gasper still vividly remembers December 7th, 1941, the date that changed millions of lives throughout the world. He was standing on a hill overlooking Pearl Harbor, drilling his soldiers from the 21st Infantry Division when bombs started exploding in the port below. The Japanese sneak attack on Perla Harbor that devastated Pacific Fleet… Keep Reading


Herta Bothe, “Sadist of Stutthof”

Born in Teterow, a small town in German province Mecklenburg-Schwerin on January 3, 1921, Herta Bothe was a daughter of a local woodworker and she often helped in her father’s shop as she grew up. Later, Herta decided that woodworking isn’t her forte and sought another career. After a short stint as a factory worker,… Keep Reading


Bismarck vs. Montana – who would win?

When West first learned about Bismarck, the latest German battleship, they were shocked. Faced with the shortage of steel and other war materials, German’s Kriegsmarine was forced to make several compromises in terms of tonnage. When it was launched, Bismarck and her sister ship Tirpitz were among the largest battleships ever constructed by a European… Keep Reading

China/Donald Trump/News

Trump’s Presidency Benefits China

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump accused China of damaging American workers by stealing what should have been their jobs. Even though he had some recurring promises in the campaign, he has shown the unpredictability during his term. Thanks to this, China has a chance to become a superpower more quickly than expected. So far,… Keep Reading


The Pirate Bay Blocked By Telenor Sweden

After many demands from various music and film industry-related companies for The Pirate Bay to be blocked by Telenor, it seems that the Norwegian Internet Service Provider finally decided to do so. According to the ISP, they did this voluntarily and not because of the pressure. The direct court order wasn’t given to the company,… Keep Reading

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