General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


China Demands U.S. Airlines Respect Chinese Law Over Taiwan

Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has recently sent out a strongly-worded letter to United Airlines and American Airlines with a demand that both airlines obey Chinese law when making any reference to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Any indication that any of these are independent countries must be removed from the companies’ public content. Sources say… Keep Reading


America Has to Change Its Foreign Policy and End Wars

As the cost in blood and gold continues to ramp up, American politicians seem oblivious to a simple fact: despite all the wars we have fought in since 9/11, our security and economic development have been suffering. Currently, engagements in Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen are proving the point without a doubt, but even to mention… Keep Reading

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Trump Might Intervene in Russia Investigation

A Senate Panel is going to protect special counsel Robert Mueller, and President Donald Trump said that he could intervene in the Russia investigation conducted by the justice department. Trump told the Fox and Friends morning TV programme: “They have a witch hunt against the president of the United States going on. I’ve taken the… Keep Reading


US and Israeli Officials Increase Threats Against Iran

As May 12th deadline imposed by the United States President Donald Trumps nears, the warnings towards Iran, made by the White House and Israel, are getting increasingly more threating. President Trump has given his European partners until May 12th to find a solution for the Iranian Deal that he called “insane” earlier this week, or… Keep Reading


America Makes A List: Who Is with And Who Against Us

According to the State Department’s report, UN’s General Assembly voted on 98 resolutions in 2017. In 31% of those votes, the results went the way the United States voted, which is 10% less than in 2016. This is the 34th such annual report published by Washington. Top ten countries that voted the same as the… Keep Reading


Mike Pompeo Officially Elected Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo is the new Secretary of state just like Donald Trump desired, and the confirmation comes from the Senate. Pompeo, who has been the director of the CIA, received support from 57 senators while 42 voted against him, this is the slimmest margin for this position in the recent history. The last nominee who… Keep Reading

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