General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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What Happens to Foreign Policy After Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has made illogical moves that have changed the foreign policy of the USA for worse, and while some of the people are trying to prevent the damage at the moment, the long-term challenges might be problematic. Dan Byman wrote in Lawfare: “Repair is hard while destruction is easy.” This is something leaders should… Keep Reading

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Donald Trump believes He Can Win in Trade Wars

Donald Trump has been dissatisfied with the trade deals, and he has started several trade wars. Thanks to the powerful US economy, he might be able to carry on longer than the other countries. The decisions to engage in trade wars with his enemies as well as his friends are criticized by many, and they… Keep Reading

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Trump To Impose Additional Restrictions Against China

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, President Trump is planning to impose additional restrictions on China companies that are using the U.S. tech. It is said that investing in the U.S. technology will be blocked and that Chinese companies will be prevented to further use it in some sectors. It is clear… Keep Reading

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Trump and Putin – possible meeting in mid-July

The Presidents of the USA and Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, are planning to meet in mid-July when president Trump visits the UK for NATO summit, says the diplomatic source. Even though Trump’s administration insisted that the meeting should be held in Washington, Moscow decided that the talks should be on neutral ground. The… Keep Reading


EU tariffs on US goods start on Friday

The implementation of tariffs on €2.8 billion of United States exports to the European Union starts on Friday. Some of the goods affected are orange juice, motorcycles, and bourbon whiskey. European Commission imposed duties of the U.S. products after President Donald Trump announced that steel exports to America would be taxed with additional 25% and… Keep Reading


Oda Nobunaga – The Age of the Country at War

Oda Nobunaga was born 1534 in a province Owari as Oda Kipposi, the second son of Oda Nobuhide, one of the three elders of an Oda clan. Nobuhide held the Owari province, preserving its eight districts from his own family. With the arranged marriage of Nobunaga and the daughter of Saitô Toshimasa, Nobuhide also secured… Keep Reading


HBO’s “The Mighty Eighth” Has a $500 Million Budget

Aviation advisers who are associated with a new World War II mini-series, created by Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks, visited Lincolnshire in England. Lincolnshire has a history of working with the US Army Air Force. Speilberg and Hanks created the Mighty Eighth, which is a mini-series consisting of 10 parts and it is the third… Keep Reading

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Donald Trump Puts an End to Family Separations

With a new executive order, Donald Trump puts an end to family separations on the border between the United States and Mexico. He has done so because he faced a lot of public condemnation over this practice that separates the children from their parents. During the signing ceremony in the Oval Office, Donald Trump was… Keep Reading


American WWII Propaganda

One of the most dangerous side effects of any war is a loss of morale, in both fighting men and civilians. Vietnam War clearly demonstrated what happens to a nation in a war when folks back home start actively opposing it. During the WW2, propaganda was widely used on all sides to prevent that from… Keep Reading


Gabriel Prosser: The Revolution

During the period of slavery in Jeffersonian America, African American slaves were fighting for their rights and freedom. One of them, the most prominent, was Gabriel Prosser, a blacksmith and a literate slave. He was of those African Americans who changed political and cultural currents in Virginia. We are not very sure of his last… Keep Reading

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