General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


How to safely handle powerful magnets

When it comes to magnets, you can find them in many different shapes and sizes, and most importantly, different strengths. If you place two magnets close to each other, they will move towards each other with great speed and collide. Even small magnets do this. Now, imagine what might happen when strong magnets are taken… Keep Reading


What is Tzitzit and What Does it Represent?

Tzitzit means “fringes” in Hebrew and it refers to the strings attached to the four corners of the tallit. A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl and it looks like a poncho which is worn under the shirt throughout the day. Jewish people were commanded by God to wear the Tzitzit so that they can… Keep Reading


How to Find the Best Financial Advisor in San Diego

Hiring a financial advisor San Diego requires a disciplined process. You need to find someone whom you can work with for many years. This may take more time but you’re sure to have a peace of mind, knowing that you made the best choice. How do you find the best financial advisor in San Diego?… Keep Reading


The Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

The world is becoming more economically unsafe and cryptocurrencies might help you fight the feeling of someone harming your economic status. Cryptocurrencies or as we know it today „digital money“, is based on blockchain technology. This kind of technology creates a digital ledger of all assets, whether it is money, tangible property, vehicles, or stocks.… Keep Reading


Why You Should Use Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time, and Bitcoin was even at $20.000 at some point! There have been many controversies surrounding Cryptocurrencies in the past and while some of them were real, they continue to be a viable option for companies around the world to transfer money faster, easier, safer, and with fewer… Keep Reading


Importance of Packaging Design

The mistake that has often led to business failure is underestimating the potentials of side parts of the final product or service. You see, the details in production are mainly covered through procedure meaning double crosschecking. But what about those small details that need to show the customer that you actually care? How much time… Keep Reading


SEO Trends For 2019 Every Business Should Know

So, how will search engine optimization change in 2019? What new trends will appear, what old ways will stop being used? Like technology, SEO is constantly changing. It is switching to the point where it will be difficult to keep up with it. Before we start with the top SEO trends for 2019, it is… Keep Reading


Waste Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling

Approximately 200,000 tonnes of used cooking oil is collected and processed by MBP Solutions in devoted companies in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The recycling process is essential because it has numerous benefits to the environment. It reduces the amount of waste and creates useful raw materials used in energy production. Waste cooking oil includes vegetable… Keep Reading


Preparing for a Long Road Trip

One of the best things about living in America is the vastness of the nation. There’s no shortage of beautiful natural landmarks and different cities to see. And so much of the US is accessible by car! However, as any seasoned traveler will tell you, the secret to a good trip is in the planning.… Keep Reading

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