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Pacman – The Arcade King!

Do you remember Pac-Man? Everybody knows this game! It marked several generations and while it can be extremely entertaining, it is also annoying at times – more precisely, when you lose. But that didn’t stop us from playing and the good news is that the old games are making a comeback!

We are very passionate about retro games and we wanted to come up with a great, simple version of Pac-Man online. And that’s how PacMan came to be. This is very easy to play an arcade game with a very simple premise which is a pleasure to play and enjoy.

What is PacMan?

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This is an HTML5 based game, so it’s compatible with all the browsers out there, as well as Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It’s designed to bring you the joy of playing PacMan anywhere you want as you see fit.

The way you play is simple, in true PacMan fashion. You will have to control PacMan and collect all the bubbles in front of you in order to win. But there are 4 ghosts that will try to stop you at all costs. You will have to use the large bubbles as power-ups as these will turn the ghosts blue, and that’s when you can eat them.

There are also cherries and other fruit in the game that will give you extra points. The level will be complete when you acquire all bubbles on the board without getting killed by the enemies. You will have a high score system that will track your score at all times. And there’s also a limited number of lives per level, so you can’t die all the time as you try to find.

How can you play PacMan?

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While you have the rules above, the way you play PacMan on its own is very easy. You just have to visit our website PacMan Live and click on the game. It will load automatically and then you will be able to use your keyboard and control PacMan within the game as you see fit. The game is very insightful, easy to play and it comes with all the original features and level designs that regular PacMan had.

However, you get to have all those features and benefits right in front of you in a browser, as well as a mobile browser if you want. That alone makes PacMan very portable and just a pleasure to play as you see fit. If you love PacMan and want to enjoy a great games arcade experience in your browser, don’t hesitate to try our game today!

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