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Oleg Vasilyev – the 20 Year Journey of a Data Scientist


Oleg Vasilyev, a Russian Data Scientist who lives in San Francisco, founded Vasilyev Algorithms, where he provided advice, developed and provided solutions for a number of clients, before moving on to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Educated in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Lomonosov Moscow State University (established in 1755) and in Mathematical Physics at Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) (established in 1931), Vasilyev began his career in 1998 at Hyseq Pharmaceuticals as a Software Engineer in Sunnyvale, California. His next steps up the career ladder came when he became the Data Manager of Aames Financial Corporation in Los Angeles for a year. His last career move before founding his own company was as the Director of Artificial Intelligence and Senior Software Developer at

His education and work experience over a three-year period made it possible for him to then establish his own business. Over the next 12 years, he delivered solutions based on the application of pattern recognition and neural networks to a number of clients as a private consultant. Some of these clients included OSI Systems, Inc. Kaiser Permanente, Archimedes, Inc., and Achieve Financial Services, LLC.

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Andrew Pavelyev, a Mathematical Modeler who worked with Vasilyev at Kaiser Permanente and Archimedes, Inc. said that Vasilyev always did a great job using state of the art machine learning techniques, particularly neural networks.

After gaining all he could from being a consultant and making a name for himself, he went on to be the Senior Software Engineer at Analatom, Inc. There he spent the next ten months designing and developing an application for intelligent data cleaning and annotation, before becoming the Senior Data Scientist, and later the Staff Data Scientist at Conviva in October 2018. There, he was part of Conviva’s vision to offer solutions for online video optimization and online video analytics.

As a Senior Data Scientist, Vasilyev worked on quality-engagement and predictive modeling projects, where he applied machine learning on Spark. His experience in applying neural networks to images, health and financial profiles helped him achieve the company’s goal of providing quality metrics that provide a comprehensive view of the online video business.

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In the last five months of his career with the company, he dealt with Led Deep learning initiative. In this role, he created new content while also being on the cutting edge of content engagement predictions.

For the past year, Vasilyev has been applying his expertise and experience as a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Primer AI, a machine intelligence company in San Francisco. Vasilyev works with a team to build machines that can read and write, while also analyzing large datasets. This technology is used by some of the world’s largest government agencies.

Apart from his stable work output and employment in companies in America which have given him the chance to grow within the industry, and in turn, give back to the world of science, Vasilyev has also passed on his experience in summits. The latest being the Spark+AI summit in San Francisco where he was a speaker. He also spoke about assigning responsibility for deteriorations in video quality at the summit in 2017, when he was part of the Conviva team.

During his 20 plus years of working in the field of physics and science, Vasilvey has obtained the know-how and experience to link science, maths, software engineering, and database design together to discover more about the world around us and help us understand and use Artificial Intelligence to our advantage.

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