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News about the ninth installment in the Fast and Furious movie franchise

Fast And Furious is a long-running franchise of American action movies, and the upcoming long-awaited ninth film is set to arrive quite soon. The production on Fast and Furious 9 began in February of this year, and millions of fans are very excited to learn any and all information regarding this exciting series. The director of the movie is Justin Lin, while the script was written by Daniel Casey.

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According to some of the leaked spoilers regarding the story of the movie, Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast members arrived in London for the start of shooting, which is set to start in either May or June. In addition to the series leading star Vin Diesel, the fans are also very curious to find out anything about one other important character, played by Dwayne Johnson. It turns out, however, that Johnson will not appear in the ninth series. This is mostly because he has an upcoming spinoff movie called Hobs & Shaw, where he co-stars alongside Jason Statham. Therefore, the fans have a lot to look forward to.

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The actor confirmed this for MTV, saying that, “the plan has always been for the Fast & Furious universe to grow and expand.” Hence, the first of the planned spinoffs. Some reports suggest that he will, however, return for the planned 10th and final installment.

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The ninth movie is already in production and has the release date scheduled for April of 2020.

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