Should You Buy New Or Used Front External Doors?

Aluminum, wood, or plastic? Modern elegance or good old classics? New or used? If you are choosing an external front door yourself –  these questions are certainly not foreign to you. Because everyone has their own tastes and their own supporters – in this pile of information and opinions, it’s hard to make the right decision. However, we will try to make it easier for all of you who find yourself in the dilemma of whether you should buy new or used front external doors.

The Front Door Is A Reflection Of Your Home

The front door to the house is a significant part of the design of any home. It is because it gives character to your house – and provides security and warmth to the tenants. The importance and the symbolic role of the door – is also evidenced by the saying that the door is a mirror of every home. Doors express our identity. They represent the unique style – that we show to everyone who knocks on them. In modern times, regardless of advances and changes in the field of material, workmanship, or style – the front door also sends a strong symbolic message. From the earliest periods of human development – they provide people with peace, warmth, and privacy. Regardless of the style of the house or the way it is built – the door is the ever-present thing.

How To Choose A Front Door?

We all want to buy a front door for the house that we will be happy with, in both, practical and aesthetic sense. However, sometimes the problem is to balance a good relationship between reasonable price and long-term quality. You may be facing a dilemma – to choose a new or used door? No worries, we’ll open all the doors and try to provide answers to your questions. Otherwise, engage a good door supplier or manufacturer as such to advice you based on your needs.

Opting For New Or Used Front Doors

Anyone you ask will always tell you that you should opt for a new door. Of course, the budget is always something that limits us – so you need to think carefully before you make a final decision. When buying a front door – it is vital to know what you need and expect from that. Otherwise, we can easily and quickly get burned – by making the wrong choice or incur additional costs. Consider this: You already have a used door and want to replace it. Then why would you do it again with a used door – unless the price is at stake? Also, you may be in a situation that you’ve built a new facility – so an exterior door is a necessary investment. In this case, you must definitely respect the style of the whole building – as well as the method of construction, and many other factors.

Be Careful With Used Doors

When you buy a used door, it is clear that the price determined your decision. However, you must be especially careful – especially in measuring. According to, just a few millimeters can completely ruin your plan – and leave you without a door and at an extra cost. On the other hand, if you decide to replace the front door due to wear and tear or damage – be especially careful. Consider the factors that have affected your old exterior door – and as a replacement, choose a model that will better withstand these conditions.

Take Care Of Energy Efficiency And Functionality

The decision to renovate a home is often influenced by long-term energy savings. In addition to the outer thermal sheath of your home, quality windows and effective entrance doors are also responsible for good insulation. If you want to avoid heat loss, insulation is definitely a clear priority – but windows and doors are not a negligible factor. The functionality of the door is also very significant. Sometimes, we change the door due to its non-functionality. For example, if space lacks light – you can opt for a door with built-in glass.

Fit The Door With The Style Of Your House

It is important to choose a door that represents your personal style – and gives your home warmth and recognizability. With a used door, your choice is quite tearful. Regardless of the better price – you will find it difficult to find a door that will fit the style and architecture of the house. Certainly, the point is not to have a door that will stand out from the rest of the house. Therefore, buying a new door is always a better choice. It is highly recommended that you consult an expert when choosing a door. He or she will listen to your wishes – and offer you the best solution. Share your wishes and needs and emphasize everything that bothered you when using the old door. This way you will easily find the best alternative together.

Safety Is One Of The Key Factors In Choosing Front External Doors

The trend of increasing security is one that is worth investing in – regardless of style, colors, and materials. A quality door will stop a burglar in action – or deter him from trying to break into your home. Poorly secured doors and windows are, despite growing security – still the main risk bearer in the event of a burglary. Therefore, security remains one of the key elements that a front door must-have.

Cheaper Is Sometimes More Expensive

If your choice is a used door, you must keep in mind that at some point – you will be in a situation to replace a part, request additional service, or consult about maintenance. Additional services and complaints with the installation of used doors are difficult. It is because most often one company is an importer – and the other company performs the installation. This means that maintenance is more complicated – and very often not so affordable. All this can increase the original price many times over. Therefore, it can turn out that you would save – both time and money if you bought a new door.


The front door for a house or other type of building – is one of the most exposed elements. We pass through them several times a day, they are exposed to temperature oscillations and other weather conditions – and they also protect us from uninvited guests. That is why it is not only important that they look beautiful, but that they are well made and installed, adequately insulated – and that they offer adequate anti-burglary protection. Therefore, new doors are always a better and safer choice. However, if your budget is limited and you have to opt for a used door – take care of quality, dimensions, and installation and maintenance.

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