Why an MVHR System is The Right Choice for a New Build

Setting up a new office location is always a chaotic process, even when you have everything planned down to the last detail. There are many points to watch out for, and you have to be careful to consider the long-term implications of some of your choices. For example, the ventilation and heating system of the building can impact its future quite a lot in terms of maintenance costs, employee comfort, and expansion prospects. One of the most prominently featured choices on the current market are MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) systems, and if you haven’t yet considered one as your choice for your new building, you definitely should for a number of reasons.

Every building investor should consider this thing as an important step when constructing the new object. People who will rent the offices and apartments should always provide a good heating and ventilation system to the employees, or other clients. There are a lot of benefits of choosing MHVR systems, and we will try to cover them all in this article, but we are sure there are a lot more than that.

So, let’s start with the most obvious one:

Environmentally Friendly

Going green is a big trend these days, and an MVHR system can go a long way towards that if you do it right. It will likely require a customized setup and installation, which will drive up your initial cost by a little, but in the long term, this will be a huge boost to the environment around you. MVHR systems tend to be quite energy-efficient, and for this reason, they are considered a very green option. You may have to get some of the more advanced products on the market to really push towards that point, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Good Availability on the Market

Another great factor about mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems is that they are widely available on the market and you can expect to see a lot of fierce competition between the different contractors in that field. This will give you a lot of leverage in negotiating prices and the exact details of the service, and you will usually end up with a significantly better deal than you would get with most other types of ventilation and heating systems. Follow this site, and take your time to explore the situation and compare prices, and you’ll usually find lots of potentially good deals out there.

Stable Long-term Prospects

We already touched on this above, but it’s important enough to reiterate in more detail. A properly designed and installed MVHR system is something that will last a long time with minimal maintenance, and it will set you up for the future very well. It’s hard to predict where the market will go in the next few years, but one thing is certain – establishing a green setup from the very beginning is going to play a crucial role in helping you secure a better position for later on.

Things to consider when investing in this system

Before you pay for something, you must understand how that works. Also, not every property is eligible for the MVHR system, and you must check that before investing in it. These systems are great because they maintain the heat, even when you try to get some fresh air from the outside. All the units are connected to the main unit, which provides direct heating, even when you try to get rid of the stale air. Another important part is the filter, which filters out all the particles that may cause allergies, or pollute the living or office space. If quality filters are used, there is no chance that these particles will enter the room. Also, the general quality of the air in your area will show if your space is eligible for this type of installation.

At the same time, no matter how quality the filters are, they require regular maintenance and cleaning, so they won’t clog, and increase your costs. When it comes to installing the units, you must hire a professional provider, even if that means you will have to choose the more expensive offer. Another important thing for your system is to meet the regulations of the building and to be the right size to fit in the free space. If it’s bigger or smaller than needed, it may not function properly. The units and elements that go in your apartment shouldn’t take too much of your living space, so you need to plan this thing too, and try to mask them nicely, so they won’t ruin the aesthetics in the room.

Professional opinion is a must

If you are not professional in this, then you need to leave all the planning to the people who work with it. They are able to estimate every feature that will make the MHVR work perfectly in the space you have. They will first examine the property, and then create a custom offer for you. These people also know which size is the right one for the apartment, and they will calculate everything, including the final cost after they are able to see the space they will work on.

So, if you’re in the process of planning a new building construction for your company’s offices, pay close attention to the market for MVHR systems. It’s something that many business owners still pay very little attention to for various reasons, and that ends up being a huge detriment to them. As you can see from this article, there are a lot of benefits of using this type of heating and ventilation units, especially for offices, and working spaces, because they can be pretty cost-effective, and provide a pleasant working atmosphere, without having to open and close the windows all the time, in order to get some fresh air. We hope you find all this information helpful for your final decision. If you take care of this early on, you can gain a lot from your decision in the future, and you can potentially reap the benefits for decades to come. And that’s not even an exaggeration!