11 Must-Haves In A Man’s EDC Kit


As a man, it’s critical to understand that your everyday carry (EDC) kit should go beyond your car keys and a mobile phone. An EDC kit should have everything to make your life easy. For instance, most men don’t think they need a pocket knife or a flashlight because they have a phone’s built-in flashlight and aren’t in imminent danger.

However, this shouldn’t be the case. You may be in a situation where you need light immediately or have to use a knife to peel a fruit when there’s no kitchen nearby. Without these items in your EDC kit, everything might go wrong. Therefore, it’s essential to know what to include in your kit.

Continue reading to know more about what you need to include in your EDC kit to make your life easier.

1. Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are a necessity nowadays. You can call your family, check appointments, or respond to an email with your mobile phone. Thus, it’s crucial to have it with you all the time, all day. You should also ensure you have a fully charged phone with you wherever you may be. You never know when you’ll need it, and you don’t want to bring it with you with a dead battery when you need it the most.

2. Pocket Knife

Having a pocket knife as an essential isn’t a bad idea. It is useful for various purposes, so you can’t tell when you’ll need to use one. Imagine being in a situation where you need to set yourself or someone else free, only to realize you don’t have the necessary tool. With this in mind, you now understand why you should have a pocket knife in your EDC kit.

Luckily, you don’t need to carry a vast knife for everyone to notice. Knife manufacturers offer different kinds of small knives that can fit in a back pocket and fold effortlessly into your palm.

3. Pen

Although most people think they don’t need to carry a pen, it remains an everyday essential, and you may never know when you’ll need them. You need a pen when you need to sign some documents or write something in your notebook. Thus, save yourself from the embarrassment of borrowing pens and carry some for yourself. You can also invest in a multipurpose pen that acts as a pen and as a self-defense tool. You may check out EveryDayCarry and other similar stores for more information on such items.

4. Wallet

Don’t forget your wallet when packing your EDC kit. You might require to carry some cash with you, and the only perfect place to shelter your money and identification cards is a wallet.

For decades, men have brought their wallets to carry bills, cheques, credit cards, and coins. However, men are using wallets as accessories today. Regardless of your choice, be it a coat wallet or slim sleeve that fits a breast pocket, you can always find a suitable wallet to compliment your style.

5. Flashlight

What if you have a night vision problem, or your car stops in the middle of nowhere, and you need to check the issue? Such issues call for a flashlight. Being caught in night incidents is challenging, especially if you don’t have a flashlight.

Whether or not you think you require a flashlight, it’s vital to pack one. When you can’t find your car keys or something else, you’ll need something to help you see. While you might think you don’t need a flashlight because your phones already have a built-in flashlight, typical flashlights are brighter and more reliable. Unlike a regular flashlight, your phone might be out of charge, making it impossible to produce light.

6. Watch

It’s unlikely for a gentleman not to sport a watch on his wrist. A wristwatch is a must-have item in your EDC kit, no matter its price tag. Besides complementing your attire, a wristwatch allows you to check the time quickly without taking out your phone. This is because checking on a phone is considered rude during meetings, on dates, or in restaurants. However, a quick check on a watch is discrete and appropriate.

7. Key Holder

Securing your keys in one place makes finding any of them easier should you need to open something. You don’t have to look for a misplaced key when you have a key holder. Even better is that you can secure several additional essentials such as a pocket knife, mini pry-bar, or a flashlight. You won’t lock yourself out of your home or car again if you invest in a key holder.

8. Notebook

Writing a note on the phone can be frustrating and is considered rude. Regardless of what you’re doing, staring at the phone gives an impression of someone who isn’t listening. Meanwhile, having a notebook where you can write some points and ideas seems professional and organized.

According to some studies, individuals are more likely to remember what they physically wrote in a notebook than what they typed on the phone. Hence, if you want to be taken seriously or remember crucial things, ensure to carry a notebook with you every day.

9. Handkerchief

Handkerchiefs will continue to be an essential item. In most cases, you find gentlemen wiping their hands on their jeans if the restaurant doesn’t offer napkins. Such an event calls for a handkerchief. Besides, you’ll never know if you’ll develop a runny nose. Thus, it’s good to have a handkerchief to wipe off your nose if you can’t get a hold of a tissue roll or napkin.

10. Earbuds

Earbuds are essential to have, any day, anywhere. Whether in the gym, on the bus, when driving, or when you need to make a private call, earbuds get you sorted when you need to listen to music, check out podcasts, or take someone’s call.

11. Eyewear

Protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays. You may ensure this by wearing sunglasses or prescription glasses.


Every individual has a unique style, and this doesn’t exempt men. Nevertheless, some essentials are similar and vital to every man, especially EDC items. Regardless of your style, you’ll need a key holder, a phone, and other items for protection and to keep the day running smoothly. Thus, if you’re wondering what you should have in your EDC kit, it is hoped that the information provided here is of great help.