Moving Trends in the U.S. for 2021

The U.S. is a big country with millions of people. When you have a country that big, you also have a lot of options as far as where you are going to live goes. From one coast to another, you can choose from thousands of big cities and small towns. And a lot of people take advantage of that. That is why there are many moving trends in the U.S. and we are here to tell you all about them.

Why is moving so popular in the U.S.?

Firstly, let’s talk about why moving is so popular in the U.S. Having so many different states in a country that big means there are plenty of cities. And they are all different. Each state has its charm and each is unique in its own way. Some states have snowy winters with mountains and some just have sunny and warm days. There are states that are more suitable for young people than for the elderly. You just have to know what you are looking for. That’s exactly why moving is so popular. People are moving in hope to find something that suits them much better than where they used to live. And the reasons are different. Some are searching for cheaper housing, some are searching for better schools, some for more fun things to do. Just depends from one person to another. Oh and here we have the best cities to live in the US:

What are the moving trends in the U.S.?

  1. How do people move?

Most of the times, people hire movers to help them move. Luckily, there are plenty of moving companies around the state. Each bigger city has a few of its own moving companies. New York, for example, has many but the one that stands out is Big Apple Movers Brooklyn NYC. They have a lot of work throughout the whole year.

DIY moves are also very popular but we don’t recommend you have a DIY move unless you have moved before already. Conducting a successful move by yourself isn’t easy and a lot of things could go wrong. You could even hurt yourself. That is why we believe that it is always best that you hire movers and not worry too much.

  1. Are the moves local or interstate?

When moving became so popular, a lot of people started to move interstate. And now, almost 70% of moves are interstate. Like we already said, people are looking for something that suits them much better than where they were before. Local moves are happening in states such as Florida, Maryland, New York, North Carolina. That is usually when people rent a truck for moving as they are not moving far away from where they are now. Local moves are much easier to conduct so that is when hiring movers isn’t necessary.

  1. What cities are people moving to?

Atlanta, Georgia is at the top of the list of the most popular cities that people are moving to. Atlanta is a beautiful city that is evolving each day and becoming much better and safer than it was before. They have great schools, great job opportunities and there is plenty of things to do in the city. Chicago, IL is the next city on the list. Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Charlotte NC, New York. All of these cities are very popular moving destinations.

  1. What about international moves?

International moves are very complicated and they take a lot of time but that doesn’t stop people from having them. You can always follow a few tips on how to have a stress-free move. A lot of people from the U.S. decided to move to Europe because of so many reasons. Europe just seems much better. And it is mostly young people who just finished some universities who go to live and work in Europe. It’s not that there aren’t enough job opportunities in the U.S., it’s just the quality of life. Germany and England are the most popular destinations for U.S. citizens. Canada is the USA’s neighbor and it is also a very popular destination.

  1. When are people moving?

June, July, and August are peak months for moving. That is when children aren’t going to schools so it’s much easier for families to move. Also, the weather is much nicer everywhere during those months so it is much easier to move interstate. December and January are when the moving companies have the least work so that is when they lower their prices to attract more people to move during that period of time. That is usually when senior citizens are hiring movers. So if you are on a short budget, moving during winter is possible but it is more dangerous.

  1. Popular moving reasons
  • Students are moving to study at a certain college or university.
  • A lot of young people are moving for a job opportunity.
  • Families with children move to find better housing and better schools.
  • Senior citizens are moving to states with no tax or lower tax, Florida and Nevada for example.
  • Moving to safer cities is very popular.
  • Moving because of weather conditions.
  • Living in the suburbs became popular.
  • Downsizing.


As you can see, there are plenty of moving trends in the U.S. because moving is so popular. We told you all you need to know about them so now it’s up to you to decide whether you will follow them or stick to your own plan. Whatever you do, have in mind that you can always move again and again untill you find what you are searching for. You just need money.