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Most Famous Pictures of Claude Monet

When it comes to the Impressionism period that appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century, Claude Monet is always mentioned as one of the pioneers of this revolutionary movement. He painted some of the biggest masterpieces in the entire Impressionism period and his work is something that has been highly revered by even the harshest critics. Let’s take a look at some of his most famous and successful paintings.

The “Bain A LA Grenouillere”

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It was painted back in 1869, and according to many people, the picture represents one of Claude’s dreams, which was set in the baths of La Grenouillere. He started it off with just a few sketches, trying to remember what exactly was going on in the dream, and since we all know dreams are blurry and sometimes we can only remember fractions of them. The final picture is a real masterpiece and according to many, priceless.

A “Woman with a Parasol”

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This is one of Claude’s earliest paintings, and it was done back in 1875. Apparently, it represents Monet’s first wife Camille Doncieux alongside with their older son named Jean. This painting is very good evidence which shows us that Monet’s style focuses more on light and color as opposed to lines and shapes, which makes it really unique and beautiful to see. On the painting, Monet’s wife is looking backward like she’s trying to catch a glimpse of someone that’s looking at her.

The “Woman in a Green Dress”

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According to, this is one of the paintings that got Claude’s first recognition and about nine hundred francs which is an amazing amount of money for an artist that’s was struggling at the moment. The painting represents his first wife Camille Doncieux once again, wearing a green dress and curling her hair with the right hand. This is just one of the many paintings where Claude portrays his wife, and although this picture was done in the impressionism period, many people say it looks more as like it was done in a realist style.

The “San Giorgio Maggiore during Dusk”

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When Claude Monet visited Venice back in 1908, it has already been portrayed by numerous artists so he didn’t even intend to paint. However, when he saw how some parts of the town looked during the dusk, he immediately asked for his painting material. After a lot of effort, he began a series of preliminary work which all resulted into finished paintings a few months later when he returned home. One of the most successful and famous ones from those series is the “Venice at Dusk” which gained a lot of attention both from fans and critics.

The “Haystacks Series”

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If you’ve ever wondered how interesting can a painting of a haystack be, well, just take a look at these series and you’ll have your answer. Monet’s most notable work includes the Haystacks series which are about twenty-five canvases painted with the same subject, haystacks. Most of them are located in his homeland, Giverny, France, and he noted them while having a casual walk along the countryside. This inspired him to paint them and they turned out very successful.

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