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Monsanto Pest and Garden Control – Learn More About It

Monsanto is not a name that bodes well with most, they have a history of bullying small farmers in small communities, fighting in court against people that have terminal cancer as a result of using their products for prolonged periods of time, and creating products that push the limitations of what is truly natural. Monsanto is that anti-organic pest and weed control company and the world is responding.

It’s politics as usual on the Internet, there are anti-Monsanto groups popping up everywhere even after they were acquired by Bayer. This giant has been ruthless in its pursuit to dominate the seed market and strong arm farmers around the globe to buy into their genetically engineered seeds. They claim that these advancements will make farming more sustainable for farmers, but the long term health effects it will have on people consuming the product is unknown.

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There was a man in San Francisco that beat Monsanto in court. He filed that the weed killer round-up had caused him terminal cancer. The court agreed with the man and awarded him millions of dollars. All that money doesn’t do much when you are dying, hopefully, his family can live a better life because of it though.

As they continue to dominate their markets, the Bayer company could not pass up the opportunity to purchase Monsanto and inject themselves into the middle of an industry they were not previously part of. Controlling the seed market and the pest control market puts them in the front lines for controlling our food source. This is incredibly powerful and extremely scary at the same time.

Most people don’t know what’s going on behind those closed doors, and foreign countries are even beginning to ban Monsanto products. If more consumer knew the products Monsanto was behind, they could petition and avoid purchasing products that were potentially carcinogenic.

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The health of the people is and should be the only thing a big business should be concerned about, not just the bottom line. There aren’t that many organic options for farmers these days, and Monsanto is making it more difficult than ever for them to gain access to organic products. Organic foods and organic pest control should be a top priority for everyone around the world. Unfortunately, big money shuts everyone up and the cancer cases and strong arm incidents get swept under the rug like dust bunnies.

Hopefully, there will be more foreign policies surrounding the export of products to other countries, a full ban on Monsanto products being exported would wake them and the world up to alternative methods to farming that didn’t involve re-engineering natures creations and creating man-made products for our food supply.