8 Huge Mistakes You Can’t Afford Making in a Resume

A resume tells your story and sells you, so it should be flawless. Recruiters receive many applications and look for the slightest reason to eliminate candidates. One cannot afford to make a mistake because it can cost them a job even if they are qualified.

With the increased use of technology by hiring managers to sort through applications, you need to ensure that your resume is well-written. Let’s look at some of the mistakes you should avoid when making a resume to land that dream job.

Grammatical Errors and Typos

There is no excuse for grammatical errors and typos because there are many available resources that help one correct any of these mistakes before submitting an application. It is vital to proofread your resume multiple times as typical overlooked errors are instant disqualifiers.

Spacing issues are also very problematic, so you need to ensure that you choose the right option. Besides, you can ask a friend or a career advice expert to look through the resume and confirm that it is visually appealing and correct.

Non-Customized Resume

When it comes to resumes, one size does not fit all. One has to tweak and customize their resume to fit the position one is applying for. Most employers dismiss a candidate if they send in a too general resume and constantly advise one to tailor their application.

Job seekers should also include the job title at the top of their documents as it ticks the keyword box if their resume is scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS).

If you are having a problem with customizing your application, you can refer to SkillHub and create a bot-beating resume essential for getting your dream job. Note that when saving the resume, you should not use the file name that makes it evident that you’ve used the document before. It is better to save the file in your name.

Failure to Highlight Achievements

Another mistake that most job seekers make is listing job responsibilities instead of their achievements and results. While recruiters want to know what one did in their past roles, they are more interested in how one made a difference in the company. They want to see that the potential employee left their former workplace better than they found it.

To make your resume stand out, you should quantify your accomplishments by mentioning figures. It is also okay to use expressions that show you did an excellent job as this is exciting to the reader and allows them to see the positive outcome of your efforts.

Use of Vague Statements

If one wants to land a job that they apply for, they cannot afford to be vague in their resume. This shows an employer that an applicant does not care enough to give the details. Every statement on the resume should paint a clear picture on the recruiter’s mind of what exactly you did that is relevant to what they are looking for.

Avoid using redundant language as the hiring manager may not give the resume the attention it deserves. Instead of such phrases as “responsibilities included,” use such words as “accelerated,” “mobilized,” and “coordinated” to make the resume more engaging.

Adding an Unprofessional Email Address

This may seem like a small detail to some people, but it can explain why one fails to land an interview despite the top-notch resume they attach within the job application. It is vital to use a professional email address to avoid making the wrong impression. One should not let this be the reason why a recruiter overlooks their glowing qualifications.

Failure to Use Keywords That Match the Job Posting

Most recruiters use resume scanning software to sort out applications, and failure to use appropriate keywords leads to elimination. Check the job description and incorporate the keywords from the listing into the resume. When the software picks up these words in one’s resume, they appear to be a strong fit for the job. This increases the chance of landing an interview and hopefully getting the job.

Submitting Incorrect Information or Missing Contact Information

One needs to proofread their resume in case there is information they forgot to include. Failure to incorporate important information such as one’s contact details makes it hard for the recruiter to reach them. It also reflects poorly on the candidate as the recruiter may see them as not being accurate enough and eliminate them.

You should not put your contact information on the header portion of a document or paste it as an image. This is because ATS systems cannot read the information and list the contact details as missing. Some people change the job title to match the job posting even though it doesn’t match the listed duties. It is a sure way to set oneself for failure as recruiters always find out the discrepancy during further interviewing.

Getting Carried Away With Formatting and Styles

The most important thing is for the recruiter to see how qualified you are once they look at the resume. Therefore, it is necessary to use the proper format and styles that do not distract the recruiter from what is essential.

If you use bullets, you should maintain the same size and shape, and the font should be easy to read. You should also keep revising the resume style as you progress in your career and entice the hiring manager with interesting content.


Searching for a job is not always easy, but the reward is great, especially if you take the time to ensure your application stands out. It is always discouraging when you apply for a job and don’t get it because of mistakes that could have been corrected beforehand.

You can avoid some of them by using online resources such as Grammarly to eliminate any grammatical errors. It is also okay to get professional help from a career coach or expert resume writer to raise the chances of landing a dream job.