5 Mistakes to Avoid when Removing a Tree Stump

There comes a time when we cannot try to salvage our vegetation anymore, and it may start posing a health risk, as well as a safety threat. There are many reasons why we need to cut down our trees, and the biggest ones include infestation, diseases, loose roots, and hollow trunks. When we remove the tree, more often than not we are left with the stump. Leaving it to just sit in your yard is a huge no-no, and there are also other mistakes people make when they make decisions on what to do and how with this part of the vegetation. Keep on reading to find out which are the main mistakes you need to avoid when removing a tree stump.

1. Don’t wait for it to decompose on its own


The biggest no-no is leaving the stump to decompose on its own, and waiting for nature to do its job. Some people hope that by just letting the nature take its course it is going to be enough and they don’t need to do anything. More often than not, if you leave this part to just rot, you are going to have to deal with a lot of pests and insects, including termites, and they are not just going to stay in that place forever. All of them are going to start damaging the other vegetation as well, and they may even start infestation your home. The rotting tree is going to attract a lot of animals as well, and you will have to deal with so many problems.

In the long run, you will have to go through a lot of trouble and you will risk spending a lot of money if you choose to ignore this part of the vegetation. In addition to this, at one point or another, you will forget that the stump is there, and someone in your household will trip on it. It is better to get rid of it as soon as you cut the other parts of the tree than to wait and see what happens in a few weeks or months.

2. Thinking that only a chainsaw will get the job right


When we think about getting rid of vegetation, the first tool that comes to our minds is the chainsaw. This power tool can cut through anything, and it is pretty fun to use. So, we believe that just by cutting the visible bits off is going to get the stump removed and that when we get to the ground, we can just pull the remaining by hand.

Many trees have huge roots, and you cannot just pull them off the ground. You are going to need much more tools than just the chainsaw, and you will need to dig, cut, and pull if you want to safely get rid of all the parts.

3. Doing it on your own without knowledge

We all believe that we know everything and we can do everything. Once the main part of the tree is removed, we believe that the stump is going to be the easiest one to get rid of. We think that we don’t need any additional skills to get the job done and that we can tackle the project in just an hour.

Getting rid of this part is going to be harder than you think, and if you don’t do a good job, you risk doing this for hours, maybe even days, you risk injuring yourself, and you risk additional problems occurring.

A tree removal service can help you get this done in no time. You will see that when you hire the professionals, you will be able to just sit back, relax, and know that everything will be taken care of without any safety risks for you and your family.

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4. Not using the needed safety equipment

This is a mistake that you have to avoid at all costs. Many people think that they only need safety gear when they are getting rid of the main parts of the vegetation and the branches, and they tend to forget that they have to implement it in every part of the removal process.

You will be working with chainsaws, pick mattocks, shovels, clippers, axes, and possibly even chemicals. All of these things will pose a safety risk, and you can injure yourself or others. So, you need to get the proper outfit, gloves, and even eyewear as well as shoes. Don’t think that just because you’ve used an ax before that you don’t need any safety equipment now, and know that just one wrong move is going to be enough to seriously harm you.

5. Not knowing which method is the best


There are several different methods that are going to help you get rid of the stump, and you need to know which one is the right depending on the tree’s size and its condition. Some people choose to just burn the remails or treat them chemically. This is not a recommended option, especially because it is going to pose a huge fire hazard, as well as an environmental threat, but in some cases, it is the only thing that you can do.

In most other cases, you will need to properly cut and remove the roots first and then take out the remaining parts of the vegetation. Nevertheless, the method depends on your certain situation, and you need to know which one is the best one to use. If you are not sure, the best thing you can do is consult with professionals and they will let you know which way is the right one.

These are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when removing the remaining parts of the tree. Take your time, do as much research as possible, and know that you have to have the right tools, equipment, and protective gear if you want this project to be successful. The easiest and best option is to collaborate with the right tree removal service that is going to get everything done instead of you. Choose this option as it will be the fastest, safest, and probably the one that is going to save you the most finances in the long run.