Meet Akhil Turai – A rocket scientist, millionaire, adventurer, and an aspiring entrepreneur


A rocket scientist, millionaire, adventurer, and an aspiring entrepreneur, Akhil is trying his best to enjoy life and you can see that through his social media accounts. He has traveled to over 50 different countries and with that covered six continents. Some of the countries he had visited include Vietnam, The Philippines, Great Britain, South Korea, Russia, and many more. Akhil is a foodie, animal lover, and an outgoing person who loves having fun with his friends and family.

Akhil Turai is currently working on two major start-ups in the Space and Engineering Industries which will start to operate in 2021. The goal of these start-ups will be to further develop the developing nations and solve some of the major issues in the space industry. The variety of tasks these start-ups will have include dealing with Space Junk and going all the way to finding a solution for future Space Launch vehicles.

Akhil is into quantum gravity, which is a field of theoretical physics that look to describe gravity according to the principles of quantum mechanics, and where quantum effects cannot be ignored. One of his Instagram posts includes a picture with Professor Stephen Hawking who was a theoretical physicist best known for his Black Hole Theory. Professor Stephen Hawking’s books „A Brief History of Time“ and „The Universe in a Nutshell“, are the ones that made Akhil fall in love with the subject and that also lead him to get involved in astrophysics and space studies in his academic years. During his visit to Cambridge University in Great Britain, he had the chance to meet, speak, and take a picture with one of the greatest minds that existed.

Akhil is a rocket scientist, which is the primary branch of aerospace engineering. It is the primary field of engineering that is connected to the development of aircrafts and spacecrafts. It has two major and intertwined branches, that are aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineering, especially the astronautical branch is often referred to as „rocket science“. This scientist is currently working on liquid propellant rocket engines, which are rocket engines that use liquid propellants. To understand it better, liquid-propellant rockets or simply liquid rockets use liquids, because they have a high density which allows the volume of the tanks to be low and it makes it possible to use lightweight turbopumps to pump the propellant from the tanks into the combustion chamber, which means the propellants can be kept under low pressure. This allows the use of low-mass propellant tanks, which result in a high mass ration for the rocket. When you read this, you can understand why people use the phrase „it is not rocket science“, to describe something that is not difficult to do.

If you want to see some interesting pictures of Akhil’s travels and adventures, you can check out his Instagram account. The pictures displayed there include pictures with scientist, famous actresses, animals, and his friends and family. His account proves that you can have a difficult and demanding job, but you will also be able to have fun and enjoy life.

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