Match Makeup To Clothes – 7 Beauty Tips

Every experienced makeup artist knows best which makeup suits which outfit. From color combinations to contours, you cannot afford to make one mistake because it can destroy the look of your client, and most importantly, waste a lot of time. Many makeup enthusiasts often ask about how to match their makeup with a specific outfit. Sadaf Torabi, one of the most experienced and sought-after makeup artists and trainers, suggests the following tips:

1. White and silver

Metallic lip glosses have become the hottest trend after Rihanna paired it with her white, metallic makeup. People always thought that metallic powder looked clubby and bold. In reality, it looks delicate and romantic. Moreover, with a white outfit, metallic silver will look gorgeous. It is suitable for every type of skin tone.

But make sure you use ultra-fine shimmer or no shimmer at all. Metallic silver looks best when you have a matte finish. Using shimmer can disturb that combination. If you can’t live without shimmer, try to use it lightly on your cheeks and your eye shadow. Please don’t overdo it.

2. Yellow and maroon

Many call this combination the hot-dog style. Hot-dog or not, you will look the hottest in your group if you ace this blend. Yellow outfits accentuate your skin tone. Therefore, try wearing a bright yellow dress so that your makeup doesn’t let you down. As for the composition, go for a maroon lipstick and eye shadow. Quite recently, Jenifer Lopez sported this look and became the glam girl all over again.

You can choose between a glossy or matte lipstick. Remember, the type of lipstick you want should also match your eye shadow. Therefore, if you select a maroon matte lipstick, you should also get a matte finish eye shadow. On the other hand, you can go for a glittery eye shadow if you choose a glossy lipstick.

3. Nautical stripes and fuchsia

Many people believe that pink makes them look less sophisticated and less serious. But this expert looks at it differently. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the makeup industry have helped her test various makeup ideas on her clients. She believes that fuchsia is ideal for daytime events. Over the years, she has endorsed a variety of beauty products, in which she found that fuchsia was widely popular among people.

She is also of the opinion that fuchsia looks incredibly sweet on women with darker skin tones. Also, it would help if you paired it with a suitable outfit. Nautical stripes look best if you want to wear fuchsia lipstick and eye shadow. Try wearing a dress with navy-blue and white stripes. It will highlight your fuchsia makeup correctly.

4. White and brown

The advantage of wearing a white outfit is you can try a variety of makeup with it. You can go for light powder or even try slightly darker shades. Of course, don’t go for black lipstick and eye shadow. It’s not a coloring game that you can try whatever comes to mind. This expert thinks that you should always try earthy colors with white outfits to stand out from everyone. Please don’t make it too bold.

For example, brown is the new black these days. It fits that earthy color description perfectly. Brown stands out spectacularly, especially if you pair it with a white outfit. You may want to choose marine colors like aqua-blue or coral green. That is usually a tricky decision because you need to consider your skin tone also. Brown looks gorgeous on almost everyone, irrespective of their skin tone.

5. Black and burgundy

The expert shares tons of makeup tutorials on her Instagram page. In one of her videos, she explained the importance of matching dark outfits with dark-colored makeup. She feels that you shouldn’t always contrast light with dark all the time. For example, black and burgundy look stunning if you pair them correctly.

Make sure you wear a jet-black dress. It’s helpful if it has a touch of burgundy on it. Never mind if there isn’t. You need to focus on the type of black finish while selecting burgundy makeup. For example, a glossy black dress will pair best with bright burgundy lipstick.

Similarly, if you go for a matte black dress, select a matte burgundy lipstick. Ideally, it would be best if you didn’t go for an eye shadow with this combination. However, you can wear false eyelashes and put on some mascara to highlight your eyes, making them look awake.

6. Navy and bronze

Julianne Moore stunned everyone at the Golden Globes recently with her sparkling navy-blue gown and smoky brown makeup. Since then, the combination is doing the rounds in the entire fashion industry. Bronze allows you to maintain that boldness yet creates a smoky appearance, thus making you distinctly different from everyone.

In one of her Instagram videos, the expert talked about the importance of nude makeup. She suggests that you can go for a navy outfit with bronze makeup, but make sure you also use nude shades. For example, you can use bronze eyeliner to do the eyes and a light bronze shade as an eye shadow. But make sure you use nude lipstick instead of bronze. You need to know where to put what color to look different.

7. Red and red

Red has something magical in it. That’s why it never goes out of style. Like white, you can pair it with almost any color. But going all red can make you look that much hotter than others. People usually experiment with different shades of red. Although it is not something you shouldn’t do, it is better to stick to a single shade. Therefore, try to match your lipstick color with the color of your outfit. Women with dark skin tone can go for a lighter shade while those with a fair skin tone can select a comparatively darker shade. Also, pair this combination with nude eye shadow.

With so many options, you shouldn’t have to think about combining your outfit with your makeup. Follow these ideas, and you’ll soon find yourself making a lot of heads turn.