Mark Zuckerberg’s Car Collection – Infiniti, Pagani, Acura, Honda (BONUS YACHT)

1. Volkswagen MK6 GTI

Even when fully loaded with all the options available you would not consider the Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 to be the luxury vehicle. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.9 seconds which is decent and can reach a top speed of 238 km/h or 148 mph, but still, it is far from fast. One thing is quite interesting, even the German company was surprised with the fact that Zuckerberg decided to buy this vehicle, on the other hand, it only costs about $30,000 making it a good purchase.

We are sure that with only a fragment of money that Mark has, most people would buy many more luxury models and supercars. What would you drive if you had $72 billion on your account?

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