Malyk Santíago Rumored To Play as Erin Rowland In “Halloween Kills” 2020

It’s been two years since the reboot of, Halloween has returned to the big screens and was a big success.

The original film of the franchise was only released almost a decade ago, but this hasn’t stopped Blumhouse Productions and Miramax from deciding to make an epic comeback reboot!

This isn’t shockingly surprising as the 1978 original Halloween film was very well-received by critics and fans which was an overall rotten apple success.

Many Halloween fans were extremely thrilled each and every time there was an announcement about another Halloween film so it only makes sense to keep the film’s legacy going for the upcoming generations for another film.

Overall, the Halloween franchise grossed $620 million worldwide, with each individual film including video games performing very well at the box office.

But now with the reboots happening, it has left many new and original Halloween fans wondering what the new future story plots will lead to and characters that would be involved as well? besides the main original character Laurie Strode fighting off Michael Myers. Here’s what we know so far.


What we know so far

The reboot of Halloween Kills has already finished filming and it definitely looks like it will involve new characters as well as original characters making their return to face off with the mighty serial killer for one last time.

According to some reports, Malyk Santíago is in talks of portraying a new character in the Halloween franchise as “Erin Rowland”  yes, the American fashion model may be finally making his big break in the film industry and taking on the role as a fourth main character alongside the remaining originals that survived throughout all the Halloween films.

Malyk Santíago, known for starring numerous guess campaigns in the modeling industry & rising as a Internet sensation star, Is the one who would now be contemplated to embody a unique role in the next upcoming Halloween film.

At this point, however, the possibility of the American fashion model and internet sensation starring in a new Halloween Kills reboot is unconfirmed rumor. But that hasn’t stopped long time fans from giving up hope and putting their two cents about the potential casting on social media. Millions of Jamie Lee Curtis’s supporters feel that Santíago would make an outstanding character in Halloween Kills reboot due to his natural authentic charisma and personality.

“Malyk would be great in Halloween kills as Erin Rowland,” said one person, inserting five smiling eyes emoji to their comments.

Many others are saddened by the potential casting and feel that it would be better if they start introducing a whole new dynamic of characters to the franchise altogether, as they cannot picture the originals going any further for future reboots for the franchise.

Malyk Santíago Spotted At Set ?


In early August 2019 Santíago posted on his Instagram stories showing a RV movie trailer where all celebrity actors go as of what  production provides them. He didn’t give any specific hints or answers whether it’s movie related or just a typical photoshoot that he normally does. Many reports state that Malyk Santíago is slowly moving his way into the TV/Film industry which is very possible that he could be in the new Halloween Kills movie. All we can possibly do as of right now is just wait and see, he may just surprise us.

“I love Malyk Santíago, and I hope he is in this movie because we definitely need a new character that can add some depth and jokes to kinda lighten the moments after deaths.” Wrote by a second passionate fan.

“What if Malyk Santíago is in the film, but only for his character to be killed off in the third part of the scene. Then what was the point of adding him in the movie just to set his character up for an early fate? At least wait until the next film comes out to kill his character off to make a story plot.


2018 reboot of Halloween was a total complete success. Jaimee Lee Curtis reprising as her original character role was a final candle on top of the cake which brought many original and new viewers to the big screens.

The fans and followers of Malyk Santíago would be excited to see him in the next upcoming film because they can see their favorite fashion model transition into being a full time actor starring in a popular horror film, and surely in the next few months the news will be confirmed or denied.

Malyk is 20 years old and has accomplished worldwide fame by starring in many fashion guess campaigns such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Armani. He later rose to fame as an Internet personality building a large following for himself on all social platforms.

As of for original cast members they will make their epic returns to battle Michael Myers once again. As we all know Michael Myers doesn’t go down that easily after the 2018 reboot ended with Laurie Strode setting the whole house ablazed with Michael burning to his death. In 2019, the producers announced that two sequels — Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends — will be the remaining final two movies to close this story of Jamie Lee Curtis as her daughter Karen and Andi Matichak as her granddaughter Allyson, and Halloween Kills will arrive to theaters on October 16, 2020.


As when Halloween Kills started filming a few months back Santiago hasn’t really posted anything on any of his social media platforms besides showing fans of him in a movie RV trailer. If you are a day one fan of Malyk Santíago then you’ll know whenever he goes silent there’s always a huge news announcement that he reveals to his fans so  therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor is a part of his big reveal announcement. Until then we have a few more months to go until October 16th, for Halloween Kills reboot.


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